Monday, July 28, 2008


Well. Time for another list. This list: why NYC rocks the week of July 28

1. It's like 80 degrees. the perfect temperature
2. I get to see my brother tomorrow.
3. And Dave Grohl. And hopefully Hero not acoustic.
4. I got goggles so I can start swimming at the local Y after my marathon week is over.
5. Stephanie Meyer is in NYC promoting her new book and on GMA Thursday morning. And I'm going. (high squeaks coming from my corner RIGHT NOW!!)

I personally won't get over 5 until 6 comes along.

6. Friday night at 12:01........

I'm suffering from twilight overobsession at the current moment. the movie comes out in December. Kristin Stewart better say "Stupid shiney volvo owner" in the movie. It'll make it. I promise.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Green Eyes

Well, we can all thank JCA for the motivation for this post! She wanted pictures of the new place in Brooklyn. And now I'll introduce you!! I have a really small room. But the room is perfect, my DOUBLE bed, exactly four tiles of space and HUGE closets. I'm still working on where to put the trash can. Note the tower fan.....a natural hate of fans quickly evaporates when it's 90 degrees in your apartment. Next we have the living room....gorgeous windows overlooking Sixth Ave in Brooklyn (perfect for sunday mornings with the new york times), and thanks to my parents this weekend....AN AIR CONDITIONER!!! And then we have another living room with the couch and tv (and Tivo!! speaking of...anyone seen gossip girl previews?!?! I'm pretty excited to say the least) And then the hallway, my new roommates rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Not too shabby folks.

Not too much else. So your recap for July. I started out by moving. Chris and Jake were kind enough to help me....when moving my stuff, I guess I kind of miscounted my boxes and ended up riding the subway to my new place and Chris and Jake drove.....but they had the boxes upstairs by the time my subway ride was over!! July Fourth I went to Prospect Park with my new roommate and her friend and we had a cookout. Then I went to see the fireworks next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Two weekends ago, I took a trip to see Brad and Carrie get married :) I forgot how much I miss my Kansas family. And their wedding was just a blast. And my little brother Mike. I'll just stop there..hahaa...

This past weekend, my aunt and uncle were in town. I spent Thursday evening with them. Friday, a friend and I decided to get pina coladas with my friend Adriana and we ended up walking from 2nd Ave and 42nd Street to 12th Ave and 42nd Street all the way to 6th Ave and 4th Street. Um, long way. But it was fun. Saturday my parents came into town once they went out to dinner. I went out with my new coworker (who is pretty much awesome) and experienced my first roof-top bar (I'm a fan of jeans and beer at bars.......but I'll try a few of these places) and got home after the sun was rising (a first for me...maybe my last too.....). Went to a movie on Sunday. And it was a lovely weekend. A weekend that felt like I was meant to be in Brooklyn. I like those weekends. I hope they keep coming.

Things to look forward to: Mike and I are going to teh Foo Fighters a week from tonight :) Sixth row. Breaking Dawn.....I'm spending August 3rd with Edward the Vampire. And I'm so excited I can't see straight. My teacher I worked with from France is coming next week!! I'll show her around New York. I'm going to Houston for Thanksgiving!! Another one of my cousins is getting married. And I decided to go. And another one of the reasons my new coworker is so awesome. We're going to Hanson in October (!!!!!!!!!!). Maybe i'll finally meet them and then I can finally stop being obsessed. And Kansas in August with all my college friends.

And that's all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed a tour of my brooklyn apt :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When it's over we still have to clear up

So. I did end up moving to Brooklyn. and obviously it's going pretty well b/c I haven't blogged about it. I'll catch you up more later....but let me just tell you how awesome park slope is....

reasons park slope rocks tuesday, july 15:

-the subway is approx a 4 minute walk
-the $3.25 i spent on a slice of pizza and grape koolaid
-my roommate and i went to prospect park in 10 minutes and sat outside and heard a spoon concert
-on my way home, because i wanted to, i reserved my copy of breaking dawn at the local barnes and noble. it was a three minute walk.