Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coffeeshop Soundtrack

Well. It's finally summer in New York City. It took until August 15 to reach 90 degrees here, but it finally did. I'm ready for it to go away now. With my revelation yesterday that I only have to spend two more weekends without the promise of college football on my Saturdays and the Chiefs sucking it up on Sundays, I'm full on in "get here now fall" mode. The I took a walk this evening and ended up at the Columbia bookstore, and they had my second favorite part of fall.....the college hoodie. For some reason, the band Gaslight Anthem means fall to me now too. So any song I hear on Alt Nation by them has me begging for October's crisp Sunday mornings that involve a hoodie, a caramel machiatto, a Sunday newspaper, and a bench in Riverside Park.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, nope, I haven't quit writing on my blog. It has been a while though. Since I last wrote on (really wrote, my last Hair broadway post doesn't really count) I've had one awesome New York Summer my cousin alluded to in March of 2008. I did move. I now live on the Upper West Side, which is exactly where I want to be! I moved here in June, and have preceded to have summer of awesomeness that has included:

-Green Day x2 at Madison Square Garden
-An awesome 4th of July courtesy of an friend who lives in a highrise on the west side
-My sweet new apartment with a bigger room that is big enough for grown-up things like a dresser!! (my first dresser since the fall of 2004)
-Shakespeare in the Park with Anne Hathaway and the lady from Private Practice
-Going to see the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince US premiere!!
-Being able to go to church on a weekly basis b/c it's so close to my new apartment!
-Taking taxis home because I live THAT close!!
-Rob-stalking in a nice, not creepy way......
-Finally purchasing tickets to see SNOW PATROL and Muse (not playing together, but the same week!!)
-My little bro's graduation
-All Time Low, my new musical obsession
-A coffee pot of my own :)
-Chasing after the New Moon preview before The Proposal

And other random, assorted moments that ROCKED. Not to mention this week, I get to fulfill a life goal of following a tour to two cities. AND seeing one of my obsession bands (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5) THREE TIMES this week. If I meet Pete Wentz, my summer might be complete (high probability, i'll report back)!!! And blink 182. Well, time for some sunday afternoon cleaning. I'll leave you with a little All Time Low, freakin awesome, yet very very crappy pop punk that I can't get enough of right now.