Saturday, January 31, 2009

Equus Review

OK, so last night I fulfilled many harry potter fans dreams. I saw him in person. I saw ALL OF HIM in person. And here's my review of Equus:

If you had an irrational fear of Mr. Ed as a child, this is not the play for you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mission: (What I think is completely) Impossible

So. I've made a decision and I'm STICKING TO IT! I WILL find a book that is not named Twilight or Outlander, I will finish it and I will enjoy it. And I will not let either of any books in the previously mentioned series end up in my purse. I REFUSE. I'm not doing very good a finding new books. I tend to pick them up and quit if I'm not instantly sucked in after 100 pages. I just put down La Suite Francais, it was kind of confusing. Too many characters and not defined plot separation. I was SURE it was going to be the one. NOPE. So what's next on my list? The Beach House by Jane Greene and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Yes, not what I prefer (as it is one chick lit and one classic), but I'm desperate. I haven't read a new book and enjoyed it since September (aka the beginning of football season).

Other missions that I consider impossible? Well, you would think that since I'm in New York I would see stars all the time. Nope. I've seen two. Stephenie Meyer (eeeekkkkk!!!!!), but it was fixed. It was on GMA, so kind of cheating. And America Ferrera while she was taping a scene for Ugly Betty.

Well, if I randomly run into three people, like sitting on an airplane, getting on the subway, in a store getting cupcakes, here's who I'd pick as of January 27, 2009.

Taylor Hanson. I've been following this boy for 12 YEARS!!! In fact, when I got third row tickets to Spring Awakening, I did think Oh my goodness, I'll be so close maybe famous people will be Taylor Hanson!!! No dice. No Taylor at SA. So, alas, TH.

Ethan Hawke. He's so pretty. And i've liked him just as long as taylor hanson. Though maybe when I run into him, I'll be able to say more than two words, because I won't be hyperventilating with over-excitement.

Kristen Stewart. Yes, this does have to do with Twilight. But she just rocks. And lives in LA. So see title of post. OK, Hunter Parrish is going to squeeze in on this one b/c he lives in LA now too. I know that I could have met him after a Spring Awakening performance, but for the purposes of this MI post, that would have been too easy. OK, Dan from Augustana would be fun too. And he's from Cali so he can squeak in this category.

And my new form of crack. I discovered podcasts. Yes, I've had an iPod for how long? Anyways. Twilight Source's Imprint. That's where it's at.

And on a side note......working in new media, i keep tabs on who visits my blog and how they got here. Funny search result. One person found my blog by searching for "Hunter Parrish life size cut out". Ha.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Misery Business

I'm suffering this terrible new obsession with Paramore. Granted, this consists of exactly four songs (Decode, I Caught Myself, Crush crush crush and Misery Business). Not really a thank you to the Twilight soundtrack.

Anyways, they're touring with No Doubt. Who is playing bamboozle. So i'm thinking there'a a possibility they could be there. This glorious emo-tastic festival at giants stadium the first weekend in may. My brother was suppose to go with me. I mean, let me give you this list of bands I'd like to see there: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Third Eye Blind, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Bloodhound Gang, New Found Glory and We the Kings. And that's just announced so far. and my brother has abandoned me. :( anyone want to go?

Other news in the music situation......I haven't listened to Spring Awakening in 2 days!!!! Current record for the new year. However, my four shows in less than 2 weeks was a fantastic fun. And I would have never done it if it hadn't of closed. SWEET.

It's 25 degrees outside, and my only real reason for writing this post is avoiding going outside to do my grocery shopping. I'm also stopping by the bed, bath and beyond for new pillows and either a space heater or an electronic blanket. Not feeling my nose this morning when I woke up was not something I enjoyed. I don't want that to happen tomorrow morning.

ok, I'm OFF!! Leaving....going to the store!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Song of Purple Summer

So, remember that post back in December that said it was a bad thing I found out about digital rush because the only broadway show i've ever liked was closing? Well, I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway for the last time tonight. And now I'm going to give you my full and uninterrupted review of every reason I loved this play (not to mention this is kind of my journal keeping track of my life, and i'll give to my kids one day so they'll make fun of me).

So. First off, Alexandra Socha was Wendla EVERY time I saw the show. She's adorable and was GREAT. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Hunter skipped out on me twice (PS. I've now seen this show one more time than Twilight).....but you were sick. This was evident the post-skipping show. My hands down favorite voice on the cast was Emma Hunton. See why below.

My favorite songs with quotes in perspective places:
So Momma Who Bore Me is quite possibly the best song of the show. But it's the first one, so I tend to forget about it. It's gorgeous. I always wonder how many times the actress playing Wendla has ever fallen off the chair while putting on her dress.

The Bitch of Living is just fun. And I love it. Tonight, I noticed most of the boys wear Converse shoes during the show....sweet!!!!

My Junk is next up on my favorite list. First of all, the scenes are hilarious. And it's just fun.

So last night, on the way to my friends house, I was debating whether or not to buy this 3rd row ticket to the show the day before it closed, and decided it was best to listen to the music to make my decision. "Touch Me" came on and I was pretty much sold (then there were three people who weighed in on the subject...and all leaned towards yes). Listen to the song. You'll know why.

(Favorite quote time)
"But my whole life, well, I've never felt....anything." Wendla

"There's a storm coming you know." Wendla

So those are just a taste of my favorite first act songs. And those were fantastic every time. Then you get to the second act. And we start out with "The Guilty Ones." I have nothing to say other than I love this song.

"Don't do sadness/Blue Wind" is possibly one of the best songs in the show. The first time I saw the show, when Emma Hunton began the second verse of Blue Wind....I thought "Damn. That girl can sing." She makes the song.

So then they play my least favorite song....Left Behind. But I must say, this evening as I sat in the third row, and the cast members were slowly lining the stage.....i did get goosebumps in preperation for the best performed song of the show....which is...

Totally F****d. That's really all you have to say about this song. Its awesome. My favorite performed.

Then Whispering....Those You've Known....Song of Purple Summer....

And that's my review. A pretty high bar has been set for my musical enjoyment. And i'm sad it's leaving Broadway. My bank account isn't :) But that's ok. It's been great looking forward to a live play in New York City. Now I see this big deal that I didn't even want to give the time of day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gone Away

So I've been a music freak as long as I can remember. In fact, I became an offiical major music freak on May 6, 1997 when I first heard "Mmmbop" and decided to love Hanson's music for the rest of my life. (Me, dates, I know, I kinda can't forget them) And I still adore Hanson. Though, note, I think most of their music is complete crap. But they're awesome anyway. So as I've accidentally deleted my iPod over Christmas, and my computer with all of my normal music is out of commission in the basement, I had to go through and grab a few CDs before I came back to New York so I could have a rather dated, but equally as awesome music collection on my iPod.

So, I came across one of my favorite mix CDs I ever made. And it's still as awesome as the day I burned it. I'm going to provide you the track listing. (I'm getting chills writing the's that good!!!)

1. Gone Away -- Offspring
2. Leader of Men -- Nickelback (before they started sucking)
3. Three Libras -- A Perfect Circle
4. Change -- Deftones
5. Turn Around -- Gomez (First heard on Roswell ....possibly the best scene of the entire series)
6. Stellar -- Incubus......I still blast this song if its on the radio
7. Completely Miserable -- Lit
8. Superman -- 3 Doors Down.....why does the first single always seem to be the best???
9. Nina Gordon -- Tonight (also a Roswell find...)
10. Orgy -- Dreams in digital
11. Incubus -- Miss You
12. The Dandy Worholes -- Bohemian like you (roswell find...but MAN its AWESOME)
13. Silverchair -- Miss you love
14. Silverchair -- Anthem for the year 2000
15. Sneaker Pimps -- 6 Underground (found this song before it was on Roswell!!)
16. Stabbing Westward -- What do I have to do?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Full Moon

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite people in this world. He shall remain nameless because I choose, but we'll call him Bob :) The majority of this post will be quotes, so follow along. If you don't speak Twilight, this post may not be for you. But it will explain the recent facebook album with questionable pictures of Edward the Vampire.

It all started in started sometime in August. Me:"Bob, guess what's coming out on my birthday!!!!" Bob:"What" Me: "Twilight!!!" Bob"OK, I"ll come see it with you on your birthday."

Some time in September me: "Bob, I'm too old to go buy a Twilight movie poster, will you pick one up for me at Hot Topic" "Bob: Yeah Sure."

November: Bob (not very excited, after being forced to say it) : I'm so excited to see twilight. Me: GOOD!!!

November 21: Bob: Well, that was a pretty good movie.

November 23: Me: Bob, did you see my copy of New Moon? I can't find it!! I swear it just got up and walked off my shelf. Bob: Nope, I haven't seen it

Thanksgiving: Bob: You didn't go buy a new copy of New Moon. Me: Yes, I'm collecting all 3 sets, hard, soft, and movie cover! Bob: Um, Jen, It's right here. (Pulls it out of his bookbag, like 3 pages in to it)

A few days later: (Random Text from Bob) : You're making me question manhood.

4 Hours after text: Jacob is a LOOSER!!

A day or two after that: Jenny!! I just got you the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!

Christmas Eve: Me: Bob, where are my books? Bob: I gave them to my girlfriend. Me: What?!

Christmas day: Bob: You're going on a scavenger hunt. Your first present. (A copy of twilight) so followed the clues through out the house. Ended up upstairs......with a life size cardboard cut out of Edward the Vampire. I laughed really hard. Followed by a photo session with Kristi, Edward and Me (Of all the pictures you see, tehre are about 100 others where I can't stop laughing)

Moral of the story: This present will probably go down in the history books. And a 6 foot tall cardboard cut out of Robert Pattinson posing as a vampire in REALLY scary. So strategically placing him around the house in dark rooms to scare the living daylights out of people can make for some great laughing. But I don't think I laughed harder all break than when I heard my mom scream because she walked into her dark bedroom and Edward was there to greet her.