Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I feel like dancin'

Let's take a moment to fangirl, shall we? If you've been reading my blog, you know I'm OBSESSED with Outlander. So being my Twitterific self, I was catching up yesterday morning on the train when Diana tweeted she'd be doing free booksigning the next day. What'd I do naturally? Read her blog when I got to work, figured out it was in Times Square, invited my co-worker to go with me, tweeted about it and continued my day.

Then, when I woke up this morning, I found out that she TWEETED ME BACK!

So after work we headed over, stood in a epic line, got pushed around a little by dedicated women with their romance novels, finally made it in, then no line at Diana's table. I got Outlander (duh) and Voyager (the one where Claire goes back!) signed.

I'm not sure if you all recollect, but I've also met my other author I have a particularly giant soft spot for, Stephanie Meyer (Thanks for letting me steal your blog post again, Laura!).

Favorite authors. Met and met. Win! Now, I just have to meet Taylor Hanson.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to assess your seater

As many of you know, I call New York City my current home. One of the benefits of New York City is ditching your car for the subway. All those rumors you hear about seats on the New York City Subway are TRUE. You steal seats out from under people, pull out your book and NEVER look up because if you make contact with an older person you're going to have to give that seat up (Or I will, because I'm nice. But many people here aren't nice, so.....)

Often times you come across seats on the subway that are are between two people. Sometimes, people feel the need to take up more than one seat or 1 1/2 seats. That's not the big problem. What is a problem is when a third person doesn't know the size of their own behind and choses to sit between you and that person who is overflowing over their seat two seats away. And sticky, sweaty New York summers make this situation EVEN MORE FUN.

So I ask you this, delightful blog readers, should you ever come to NYC, know the size of your seater. Know where your butt can fit. Because if you try to smush yourself between me and the other individual, its not fun. Or worth sitting for any of us. And you'll get that deadly New Yorker stare.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hasa Diga Eebowai

Earlier this year, a friend had sent an email to be about the new broadway musical by the South Park guys. Confession: I don't like South Park. So I put it in my "I should see...." list in February. I didn't pay much attention to it until my sister and mom came to visit on Wednesday, and we were wondering what to do. I suggested Broadway, and "Maybe we can get Book of Mormon tickets from TKTS." Ha. We show up and the guy standing there to answer questions about plays responded "Ha. That's sold out until August." We ended up at How To Succeed in Business. And thus begin a quest. To win the Book of Mormon lottery. Follow me on Twitter? I counted my failures.

So, I did in fact lose 10 times before Friday. And an 11th time on Friday. My cousin was in town, so she, her husband and friend met my friend and I infront of the theater. They were kind enough to throw their names in the crowd of about 250 people waiting for the lottery of exactly 22 tickets. I did not win. My cousin-in-law did! He was kind enough to give my work friend and I the tickets.

And it was AWESOME. It was so funny. And wrong. And smart. Which, I only realized after that I saw it the Friday before the Tonys. Where it is widely believed that it will win pretty much everything it's nominated for. Watching the show, I did wonder what they could actually sing on national television. While there are so many great, great moments, I think Spooky
Mormon Hell Dream may be my favorite on-stage performance (key phrase: "I can't
believe Jesus called me a dick!"). The one that gets is Hello. Close second in best performance - Joseph Smith American Profit.

Point of post: If you're planning a trip to New York City, you should book your trip around when you can buy tickets to the book of mormon. Coincidentally, it's in the same theater as Spring Awakening. Pure awesomeness clearly frequently happens at the Eugene O'Neill theater.