Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Way We Get By

One of the perks of living in NYC is you get quite a few visitors who are just coming to check out the city, so I've gotten to hang out with my cousins visiting NYC way more than I ever did when I was little, because we've always lived so far away from family. So when my cousin Kyle's boyfriends family visited, I was invited to spend an afternoon with them in the city. We went on my signature tour, and ended up at my favorite pizza place in the village. K1 had the brilliant idea of creating a family blog as we span across six states. So I created it because I'm the resident blogger of the Parkers.

So head on over to the Parker Family DL and read my latest post, looking at the challenging game of hop scotch that is NYC after a big winter snow.

And today is an awesome day for a Wildcat. It's the one of two guaranteed days a year my Cats have the potential to beat KU in basketball. We've been made well aware that we're not good at it (our 41 losses out of the last 43 games says it all), but as a true Wildcat fan, I have faith! We can do it. GO CATS!