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The BREAKING DAWN review.  Notice how I didn't get a "here's what I want to see" post up? (But I always do reviews!  Wanna read 'em?  Super Nerd Twilight Reviews: Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse)

Why, you ask? Was anyone else sitting in Starbucks and slammed the book shut on  page 138?  I was.  After my 10 minute break of being annoyed, I promptly found Page 367 and counted down those 229 pages and NEVER reread them again.  And let's not forget page 360.  There may have been an actual fit on the subway platform.  (It was possibly accompanied by laughter from a third party)  Scars, I tell you, scars.  But I think that's because of the actual event because how can Jacob imprinting on Renesemee NOT be odd?

There were really only several, and you KNOW they had to be in there: the wedding, the feathers, the birth and the imprint.  They didn't mess it up!  

So without further ado, my random comments on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1:

  • The beginning was too fast.  And Bella's wedding shoes were UGLY. 
  • Ashley Greene's twitter habits ruined the character of Alice for me. (Like her Tweet about PanAm.  Really?  That's a great show!  She has to ruin that too?)  And the wig.  Fail.  Alice's wig was the best in the first movie
  • The Wedding: I loved it.  The play back and forth during the vows.   I did not love her wedding dress.  Or Edward's speech the the night before about how he killed murderers in the 1920s.
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  • Charlie.  I love Charlie.  He's consistently the best part of EVERY MOVIE. His speech and the facial expressions during the wedding are priceless.  "And I know things.  Because I'm a Cop."
  • NO ONE, especially not Bella, is going to wear that pretty linen dress on the on the 26 hour journey from Seattle to Rio. And then look that good when they go into that square to dance.  I PROMISE.
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  • LOVED the Freak Out scene with Bella getting ready in the bathroom.  It was fun, light good ol' fashion fun.  
  • I WANTED MORE FEATHERS!  However, the destruction was pretty great.
  • Next time you see the movie, count how many times Edward sparkles on a tropical island.  Are there suppose to be that many clouds on a tropical island?
  •  I loved how they played chess.  
  • Billy/Sue/Charlie love triangle.  Poor Charlie!  Can't he just get the girl?  
  • Carslile's wig.  As Letters to Twilight said "He Drew the Short Straw".  (Link to the BEST TWILIGHT BLOG EVER)
  • Edward's line, possibly the best in the movie: "Because you've given me no choice!"
  • One of Jasper's two lines, and the force at which he delivers it, in reference to the Renesmee's status as a baby or a demon "Possibly."
  • I really enjoyed Jasper & Emmett's reaction to when Bella got to drink the blood.  
  • Seth Clearwater was adorable!
  • They made fun of how DUMB the name Renesmee is in the movie!!!
  • Skin and bones Bella.  So Summit CAN invest in special effects.
  • They pulled off the birth scene!  Kristen acted!  The removal of the baby was right!  Jacob pummeling Rosalie = #Winning.
  • I love how at the end of the fight when Edward says  "It's OVER!"  I would have thought it could have faded to black b/c Edward realized what Jacob was going to eventually be doing with Renesmee later on in life (eeewww.......).  But it kept trucking along.
  • The end was PERFECT.  The slow draw, seeing Bella's veins turn to stone her vampire transformation....THE EYES.  I WANT THE NEXT ONE
  • I'm not done!  I loved the credits!  The awesome music.  The red, black and white names.
  • The Volturi ending!!  The dude on the right is clearly "Dude, Aro.  Really?  What could you still possibly want?"
Clearly, the spirit of the review shows that I really, really enjoyed this movie.  I LOVED the actual acting.  And now we have to wait a year for Part 2.  Which I think I enjoyed more, actually may even get around to writing a "Here's what I want" post.

*Since I couldn't find the still of where she opens her eyes, here's a countdown*