Thursday, December 3, 2009


How does one kill five hours in an airport after spending three days blogging? By writing a personal blog post, of course!

Well, it's been a busy fall really. I've been on three business trips. Which is crazy. (I'm traveling back from Singapore [what the heck? when did i start doing exactly what I said I wanted to do in college which was getting paid to travel...super super weird] as we speak, since the sitting in the airport).

Well, were do I start? How about my AWESOME birthday week. I assume you've read the blog before. Birthday week hasn't really been birthday week the past two years, it's been OME Twilight MOVIE week! So the weeks leading up to New Moon, I really didn't see anything past November 20 at 12:01AM. Next year has the potential to be REALLY boring. Except for Eclipse on June 30. Which, remember, is my 2nd fav book.

On Tuesday, I went to pick up my movie tickets I'd bought a while before, and decided to pop on over to Burger King to get my Team Edward crown. Note: A 25 year old should never wear one of these. However, birthday parties at bars could possibly be the only exception. So I got one. And one for my co-bday party friend. Who didn't wear the crown :( But the crowns were NOT team jacob and team edward, they were on with bella on the front. How not fun!

Then on Wednesday, I got to be all New York Twilight Super Fan. So right before I went on my second business trip, they announced that Kristen Stewart was going to be on Jimmy Fallon. Well, recall, I LOVE Jimmy Fallon anyway, so I called and got my tickets! My friend Karina and I (Who also attended Twilight DVD Release at midnight) joined me for a super cute interview. I'm really Team Bella....and it was my first time seeing any of the BIG Twilight stars in person. I may be bias, but I think it was my fav interview of the press tour. She also then threw footballs in 4 inch heels and broke her targets.....It's at the bottom. KStew+Jimmy Fallon = Epic win. Sadly, there was no Bothered. It was the next night with Taylor Lautner.

So on THURSDAY, I had somehow convinced friends to go to the midnight movie with me. And you saw the review. I LOVED it.

And of course I had to go on Friday. But my mom and sister and a friend dealt with the sweethearts and a coworker joined this time. And Time #2 was just as good as time #1.

The the birthday/party was Saturday. Everyone came and it was lots of fun.

Sunday, well, I may have contributed more to the epic amount of money to the aforementioned movie in this post.

Tuesday, I got to head home for a family Thanksgiving. Which was really fun, because at one point, I thought that it was just going to be my dad, my dog and I.

My mom and I played about 7 games of Scrabble on Thanksgiving. Which was WAY too much fun. Wine can contribute to major amounts of points, but playing seven games also gets you in the same groove!

And then I came to Singapore. And had a blast. However, packing when it's 40 degrees outside for 90 degrees weather is a bit troublesome. Especially when you are too lazy to pack (And you end up wearing a shirt gift a friend gave you that you said you were never going to wear in public and a cute scottish boy sits next to you when you're surfing on the wifi....). And I'm headed home. Where I get to go see All Time Low. At this point, they're 10 of the top 25 songs on my iPod and I know pretty much every word to every song. These concerts are the most fun. So I'm REALLY REALLY excited.

peace out.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet me on the equinox

Well it's 2:52 AM EST on November 20. What does this mean? I've seen New Moon. Let me review it. Let's pull out a handy list I made on April 26. If you plan on seeing new moon and dont want to be spoiled, please turn away from this post.


Did you see the movie yet?

Yes, good! Keep going.

No? Why did you let your eyes get too far. Leave!!

OK, on to the list. Highlighted occurred in the movie.

1. The fountain-run-as-fast-as-you-can-save-Edward sequence. The second she runs in to him, "We're not dead, not yet! But we have to get out of here before the Voltouri----" (OK, not the quote. but the running made it in)
2. That palpable moment where she almost kisses Jacob. The hug, then tension, ALL OF IT! (there were two!!!)
3. October, November, December and January
4. The break-up scene "you don't want me?" (word for word, mind you)
5. After Bella wakes up from her little trip to Volterra....the whole thing would be fine with me "I’m dead, right? I did drown. Crap, crap, crap! This is gonna kill Charlie.” and As far as dilusions went, this one was pretty good. (Fail. Pretty goofy anyway)
6. Bella explaining the voices to Edward "Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here." (fail)
7. Alice and Charlie in the kitchen after Alice re-appears. (fail)
8. Jacob's "At the funeral." line *epic epic win*
9. Alice. And the 911 Yellow Porche Turbo. "Bella, how strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?" (The t-shirt got quoted this year!!!!)
10. The first motorcycle/voice hearing experience

I'm also not opposed to Edward having his shirt off the entire time they're underground in Volterra, which is how it was in the book. And I'm kind of excited for Alice's line "I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her." And how they're going to demonstrate the fact that she won't fall asleep from Italy to Seattle. And Edward breaking the TV while they're voting. In short, I'd like to see whole thing :)

Review: I could not have chosen sequences better myself. Chris Weitz did not change ONE THING. Edward was really not in it. Which is exactly the way they needed it to happen. Kristen Stewart blew it out of the ballpark. I LOVE not breathy Bella!!! Charlie and his mustache charmed me yet again. Aro. FREAKIN ARO. And Jane. Ah-mazing.

And they played my fav soundtrack song after Bella and Edward reunited.

The ending. Oh MY GOODNESS. THE ENDING. Fan. Huge fan. EPIC win.

Chris SHOULD do breaking dawn. You win.

I'm post-dating this post as to not offend the not so die hard twi-hards.

So how do i follow up a freaking fantastic movie i've been looking forward to for a year? By seeing it again, of course! Only 13 hours to go this time. I tend to like things more the second go round. Then by my bday party. What am i going to do when Twilight doesn't come out on my birthday next year?!?!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Sound But The Wind

Well, it's almost that time again! Which is why I'm writing. My countdown clock is WRONG! New Moon in exactly 13 days. So I've got my soundtrack, I've got my shirt (we had a clear winner...thanks to those who voted!! I'm a big Alice fan anyway), tickets to Jimmy Fallon when KStew is on (No, not Taylor and not Ashley....I chose wisely :) ), and not one but 2 tix to see it, one w/ my Twilight buddies @ midnight, then the 2nd is w/ everyone I went to see Twilight with last year...which is kinda awesome b/c it's a rather large group. (Oh, I already know a lot of the scenes I want are in it!! Yay!! Blog post) PS. If Rob makes a special appearance on Robert is Bothered while KStew is at Jimmy Fallon, I think my New Moon week would be compete. Have you see Bothered yet? STOP RIGHT NOW and CLICK ON THIS LINK and watch Shark Week.

In other October news, I: saw Hanson, live blogged a conference in LAS, got ALL TIME LOW and WE THE KING TIX, saw West Side Story (really good, btw), saw my little Bro at college, continued to see K State once a year play a football game, got addicted to Vampire Diaries, started enjoying Private Practice more than Grays, and enjoyed another fantastic session of Wine and Scrabble.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Take a bow

So, over the past few months, I've had a few people point out to me that when I say "my favorite band," I'm referencing one of twenty I always say. So in this blog post, I'm laying it on the line. I'm making the definitive list of my five favorite bands.

All Time Always been there band:

Current I claim to be my favorite band:

The terrible pop punk addiction:
Fall Out Boy
All Time Low

Other band I take an extreme amount of joy in:
Dashboard Confessional
Green Day

There. Done! Ha!

In other news, my streak will not be broken. I'm going to a Kansas State football game this year. I may be heading straight to Vegas right after, but I'll make it! Which brings us to something very important. In Aggieville, they have my shirt making store, and I have to get my New Moon shirt made. Which I had my quote (Don't do anything reckless or stupid), but Edward says it in the preview AND it's different, so that's out. As a contest to see how many people read my blog, you should vote on my quote, cause I'm torn.

Your options:

1) Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here.

2) How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?

3) Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

I take write ins too. And go!

PS. I saw both Snow Patrol and Muse within 24 hours and it was AMAZING. Snow Patrol even messed up one of the best songs, and came back and played it a second time!! Run!! And I'll leave you with Hysteria, which I was STOKED to have seen Muse play live. Come back. Again and again, Muse. I'll see you every time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coffeeshop Soundtrack

Well. It's finally summer in New York City. It took until August 15 to reach 90 degrees here, but it finally did. I'm ready for it to go away now. With my revelation yesterday that I only have to spend two more weekends without the promise of college football on my Saturdays and the Chiefs sucking it up on Sundays, I'm full on in "get here now fall" mode. The I took a walk this evening and ended up at the Columbia bookstore, and they had my second favorite part of fall.....the college hoodie. For some reason, the band Gaslight Anthem means fall to me now too. So any song I hear on Alt Nation by them has me begging for October's crisp Sunday mornings that involve a hoodie, a caramel machiatto, a Sunday newspaper, and a bench in Riverside Park.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, nope, I haven't quit writing on my blog. It has been a while though. Since I last wrote on (really wrote, my last Hair broadway post doesn't really count) I've had one awesome New York Summer my cousin alluded to in March of 2008. I did move. I now live on the Upper West Side, which is exactly where I want to be! I moved here in June, and have preceded to have summer of awesomeness that has included:

-Green Day x2 at Madison Square Garden
-An awesome 4th of July courtesy of an friend who lives in a highrise on the west side
-My sweet new apartment with a bigger room that is big enough for grown-up things like a dresser!! (my first dresser since the fall of 2004)
-Shakespeare in the Park with Anne Hathaway and the lady from Private Practice
-Going to see the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince US premiere!!
-Being able to go to church on a weekly basis b/c it's so close to my new apartment!
-Taking taxis home because I live THAT close!!
-Rob-stalking in a nice, not creepy way......
-Finally purchasing tickets to see SNOW PATROL and Muse (not playing together, but the same week!!)
-My little bro's graduation
-All Time Low, my new musical obsession
-A coffee pot of my own :)
-Chasing after the New Moon preview before The Proposal

And other random, assorted moments that ROCKED. Not to mention this week, I get to fulfill a life goal of following a tour to two cities. AND seeing one of my obsession bands (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5) THREE TIMES this week. If I meet Pete Wentz, my summer might be complete (high probability, i'll report back)!!! And blink 182. Well, time for some sunday afternoon cleaning. I'll leave you with a little All Time Low, freakin awesome, yet very very crappy pop punk that I can't get enough of right now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the sun shine in

OK, I have another Broadway show for you. In fact, I've already written about it. And I've been. Maybe more than once :)

It's all about Hair. Hair hair hair hair.

In other JP Broadway news...I have a goal. I will win rush tickets at some point this summer to Wicked. I may have to try almost every weeknight I'm not busy (which really isn't too often any more) but I will do it!! That, and thanks to the Tonys, I want to see Billy Elliot too.

I REALLY hope this American Idiot show the director of Spring Awakening is putting together pans out. That would be so FREAKIN fun. They're starting to work it over in Berkley. Billie Joe is in on it.

OK. Hair @ the Tonys:

Sunday, June 7, 2009


So, I must say again. Living in New York City gives a superfan so many chances to do dorky things. Yay!! I'll report back.

In the mean time, KStew and RPattz's Best Kiss win was classic. I still love it. Have a glance in the meantime:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whats my age again?

Twilight sweep. Rock on. Someone begins filming a movie in my city this week. What?! Life dreams may soon be coming true this week. I haven't seen a celebrity yet. It'll all be made up soon. It's just got to be karma.

Oh, and way to go Twilighters for making the sweep of the MTV Movie Awards.

Oh yeah and most importantly.

NEW (freakin) MOON:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is it any wonder?

You know those days that just pop out of nowhere and are so great, you end up singing and dancing to Fall Out Boy on your walk back home?! OK, yours may not include FOB, but you know what I mean. Here's my day of awesomeness. Because it was just that good.

1. I got out of bed at normal time, but was running so early, I got a seat on the train and got to work 15 minutes early. I was also reading New Moon......(I'm waiting on Hunger Games from the library!!)
2. I was SUPER productive ALL MORNING, and afternoon. So productive I didn't realize I was hungry until 2:30.
3. My friend BEAT me to the best Twilight news ever. They filmed the scene I'm most looking forward to in New Moon. (I can't find the exact post tonight, but it does call for Bella and fountains and reuniting with Edward.) See here. It's only spoilerish if you haven't read new moon. And I think everyone I know who reads my blog should have already been pressured into reading it!!
4. I have twitter. (Follow me! ksujennyp). I started reading Pete Wentz's Twitter Monday. Pete Wentz is touring with this awesome band called Blink 182 this summer. Presale today. Pete tweets password. JP get tix to shows in Hershey and Pittsburg, PA. ROCK THE FREAK ON.
5. I go to the Borders and find out I'm a true Twilighter. I don't get to audition for teh on-air Twicon spot, but I find out none of these girls saw the movie in theaters (Ok, I did see it 8 times), people have only read teh books 1-2 times, they don't know Rob isn't scheduled/announced for Twicon, and weren't first in line to buy the movie @ Borders Penn Plaza at midnight. I leave when my friend comes with the satisfaciton that I'm the best.
6. My friend (the one that broke teh twilight news) and I randomly run into another friend we haven't seen in months in the checkout line for dinner @ whole foods. Which was AWESOME. We had a lovely dinner.
7. We walk to Radio City Music Hall.
8. We go into Radio City Music Hall and I realize that I'm giong to see Blink, FOB, and Panic Wednesday and Friday, then have tix to OAR and Matt Nathanson Saturday at MSG. Concerts are so freakin awesome in NYC. That's going to be one hell of a week.
9. We're at Radio City for the Keane concert. Oh my goodness. WHAT A SHOW!! Turns out I listen to a lot of Keane. And they were awesome performers!!! They're going in my top 5. With Green Day. Augustana. Foo Fighters.
10. Super awesome email when I got out of the show. Can't discuss yet, but it's AWESOME!!

Now I'm going to bed. Have to clean tomorrow evening before my weekend of touristing.

In spirit of me dancing and singing on teh way home (because I literally was), have some Dance Dance!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Touch Me

I'm not going to lie. I think you know though. I'm kind of stoked for the Spring Awakening Tour cast in Philly.

AND T-5 days til our first glance at NEW MOON!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check Yes Juliet

So. Concerts. I have issues. They're my one true weakness in life. This summer may be the best lineup I ever get.

Mike and I have decided to call it the "Awesome Summer of Concert Awesomeness." aaahh....I'm sitting here killing til I buy the cheapest tix of the summer.

So who am I seeing this summer? OK, I have repeats. BUT!! Since I went to Bamboozle, we can't really consider that a band's show, can we?

I'm seeing:
All Time Low and We The Kings
Green Day @ MSG (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
OAR and Matt Nathanson
AND. Quite Possibly. Blink 182. FALL OUT BOY, and Panic at the Disco. (x2!!!)

beat that. awesome summer of concert awesomeness. ok. i do also get to listen to augustana for FREE in september!!!!

oh, nyc. you rock. i also get to go see spring awakening!!!!

peace out. i'm off to do good an enjoy the weather. after i buy my atl tix.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Lose My Life

Post of random thoughts from me, JP.

First off....I really enjoy finding out how people find my blog. And, by far, the best search result popped up a few weeks ago....drum roll please....someone found my blog searching for "borders midnight release edi gathegi signed dvd ghetto girls "

Second. I'm really enjoying my alternative bands right now. Dear Maria (listen to the right) is my new skip song. Check Yes Juliet has also elevated itself all the way to the top 25 on the iPod.

Third...check out that new moon countdown. It's below 200!!!!! They're filming Volutri scenes now!!!!! Yay for Alice and the yellow porche.

Fourth. Yeah, that's all i got. Oh wait. Check out my fav youtube channel.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Maria

So, since about October, I've been in a music rut. What exactly did this consist of? Spring Awakening and the Twilight soundtrack on REPEAT. I repeat REPEAT. I do like to beat things dead, but oh man, I knew it was good, but needed a switch. Enter a few bottles of wine, Scrabble, and two dear friends I somehow convinced to join me for a day of emo heaven otherwise know as Bamboozle. We had two days to choose from, so obvi, we picked Fall Out Boy's headlining day, Saturday.

Anyways, practically all week, I felt like skipping and dancing everytime I sat down with my iPod and automatically switched it to We The King's Check Yes Juliet. So, I was out of town all week on business. Then I came back Friday, and rested all day (watched Rachel Getting was ok), and hoped it didn't rain come yesterday.

So enter Saturday. I start acting like a kid getting ready to go to a candy shop....literally, teh skipping, huge smile, bursting into Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance in teh 2 square feet of my room there is to dance.....yes. So my friends adn I met at Penn Station before the show. I did my little jump up and down dance walking to get our tickets. When we finally made it to the Giants Stadium parking lot, we stood in a huge security line because it turns out only women can pt down women.

Anyways, we spent the day with NO RAIN on the pavement. There were downs: Johnny on the Spots, Moody Jersey teenagers, lack of trash cans, people lackign common sense.

But the highlights:
- Counting down teh minutes for We The Kings
- the Bloodhound gang, which turns out, they SUCK LIVE....teh roof is on fire...not so good
- We the Kings. Awesome. Awesome. That's all I have to say.
- Gavin Rossdale. You know when the dude starts out his set with the chords to Machine Head, it's gonna be freaking steller (FYI, I remember the day my dad bought me 16 Stone in sixth grade). Played a LOT of Bush. Everything Zen, Come Down, Speed Kills. And my friend captured the essence of his performance best when saying "He's performing like he's making love to his music....and it's AMAZING." And she captured it perfectly, even with Machine Head, you could tell he truly LOVED his music.
-The Boys Like Girls. They were sssoooo full of themselves their performance was terrible. Suck.
then we took a break. we needed to set down. so we found a little bit of untrashy pavement and made the best of it.
-We then resurfaced for All Time Low. Which was awesome. I think what amazes me the most about these bands is the fact that tehy don't get played on the radio. It's purley grassroots efforts. They have their little band of groups, then tehy all tour together, get discovered on myspace and pandora and gather a HUGE following not ever getting played ONCE on the radio.
-Then Journey popped up. Which didn't impress me much. I don't really care....I was hoping for paramore. But everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so I went with it.
-Thrid Eye Blind. These dudes were on some SERIOUS drugs. Not impressed. Didn't play a song anyone knew until 30 minutes into their set. That's after they started their set 15 minutes late. However, teh actual music was good. Too bad I didn't know any of the words.
-Fall Out Boy. I love these kids. However, when you're teh headliner, and no one is singing along to the words from you new cd, except for the incredibly obnoxious tall 17 year old you're standing directly in front of, maybe that means IT SUCKS. To their credit, they did rock ALL my favs. I slept with someone from fallout boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me, sugar we're going down, grand theft autumn, thriller, dance dance, thanks for the memories, a little less sixteen candles, this ain't a scene. Very content with their set, however, I was kind of tired of sitting in a trashy parkinglot full of really annoying teenagers.

And that was Bamboozle. And I loved every second of it. But the moral of the story is, I bought the all time low cd today. And I maybe heading for a musical change....yehaw!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chelsea Dagger

So, since filming is close to finished in Vancouver for New Moon, I'm going to share with you the top 10 things that better be brought from the move to the book in top form (ie, no copping out like the meadow scene). I'll report back :)

1. The fountain-run-as-fast-as-you-can-save-Edward sequence. The second she runs in to him, "We're not dead, not yet! But we have to get out of here before the Voltouri----"
2. That palpable moment where she almost kisses Jacob. The hug, then tension, ALL OF IT!
3. October, November, December and January
4. The break-up scene "you don't want me?"
5. After Bella wakes up from her little trip to Volterra....the whole thing would be fine with me "I’m dead, right? I did drown. Crap, crap, crap! This is gonna kill Charlie.” and As far as dilusions went, this one was pretty good.
6. Bella explaining the voices to Edward "Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here."
7. Alice and Charlie in the kitchen after Alice re-appears.
8. Jacob's "At the funeral." line
9. Alice. And the 911 Yellow Porche Turbo. "Bella, how strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?"
10. The first motorcycle/voice hearing experience

I'm also not opposed to Edward having his shirt off the entire time they're underground in Volterra, which is how it was in the book. And I'm kind of excited for Alice's line "I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her." And how they're going to demonstrate the fact that she won't fall asleep from Italy to Seattle. And Edward breaking the TV while they're voting. In short, I'd like to see whole thing :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tripping Billies

There really aren't many words needed for this post. Here's why:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Long time no blog. Why, you wonder? I went to Vegas two weekends ago. The night before I left for Vegas, my computer decided to die. But now I'm back in business. And I'm here to tell you a super fun story.

So last night, my friend and I were going to see Bobby Long @ Arlene's Grocery. If you do a little research, you'll quickly find out why. We met @ our normal Borders Penn Plaza to exchange books, b/c she's reading some of the ones I have. So I get there a little early, and hear a scalper "Dave Tickets." JP's concert ears perk up, and I think oh, dave?! I've never seen dave!! Maybe someone will give us tix for free!! So I go and listen to my podcast and wait on my friend. She arrives a few minutes later, and we're both at the same time "So do you want to see if there are any tix for Dave tonight?." So naturally, we walk a whole 10 feet to Madison Square Garden and see that there are tix, but people have mysterious cards when buying the tickets. We fumble around for 20 minutes, then find teh magical ticket line. There are about 20 people in front of us. We decide we may as well get in line, forget Bobby Long, if we don't get DMB tix, we'll just go down the street and eat at a killer macaroni and cheese joint.

We get in teh line and moves a quickly, then we get stuck with seven people in front of us. We stand for about an hour and a half. The line barely moves. Then we see the line controler talking on his phone. He gave away five tickets. This brings us within three of the magical card to get us tickets. About five minutes later, we manage to get a ticket in our hand, go buy tickets, and end up having the second to last row in teh first section of the FLOOR!!!! Holy cow. We were shocked. There may have been some squeeing and jumping up and down.

Our seats were stellar. I'd never seen DMB. And we didn't even know he was playing in town 6 hours before. Turns out we'd landed floor seats to the first show of the DMB tour the day their brand new CD came out in Madison Square freakin Garden. And they played TWO STEP! AKA the song I've been dying to hear live......


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So not only did I get a Twilight-star signed Twilight DVD this weekend, I also went on a musical binge. Ouch. But! My brother's musical theater friend was in town. He wanted to go to one. So Saturday we went to Shrek. It was ok. It was cute...not my speed.

Then on Sunday, I send the boys out, and curl up with my Twilight DVD extras. Around 4:30 I get a call from my little bro, "Would you want to see Hair?" I said sure why not. They win lottery tix (the only way you can afford 2 shows in one weekend) and Mike gives me his seat, which was really close to the front balcony. As we're walking in, I remember that the original Malchior was in Hair when it was at Broadway in the park. Well, we sit down, I overread the guy in front of me's text, and it said "sitting behind John Groft @ Hair." What? I look up, and sure enough it was him! What was cooler was teh fact that the WHOLE broadway cast was kind of focused on him 2 rows in front of me. So, this dude that sings "touch me" and "totally f***ed"which I listen to basically EVERY day was 2 rows in front of me. Awesome.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

#8 is the new #1

Standing in line at Borders Penn Plaza at 6:50 AM in the snow on Friday, March 20, I had a revelation. It follows: I don't do things half way. I'm either all in or all out. Which is exactly why you're going to think I'm crazy after you read this post. But I'm not crazy......just dedicated!! And now live in New York City, which is a place where, if you're dedicated enough, you can probably manage a few awesome super fan experiences.......

So a few months ago, I tried to preorder the Borders DVD b/c it was the super of super awesome in terms of Twilight DVDs. After on and off weeks of harassing Borders, I quit. Then I called back a month later, and said I wasn't going to be able to get their exclusive copy. So, a little bit later, they released that if you got a wristband teh day of teh release, you MIGHT be able to get a copy. So, the dedicated Twilight fan I am, decided to go early that Friday morning. Then it came out Thursday that actors from Twilight were going to be making appearences around the nation at these parties (Hello...totally mine...Twilight Moms are podcasting). So, this gave me final incentive to roll my behind out of bed at 5:45 am to go get my wrist band. Who wouldn't take 3 hours less sleep to possibly be in the same room as Robert Pattenson?

Got there. I was #8. A lady with a really funny flower bow was first. Two ghetto fabulous annoying teenagers. Then me, and a nice lady and her sister behind me. Then 30 minutes later, the super crazies showed up. A man in a green hat that slept in Penn Station, a lady with boots and a hot pink mini skirt that dated Scott from Five (?). But, at 8:00, I got my #8 wrist band. And headed to work. And let everyone I saw that day know that I'm #8 to get Twilight.

Karina and I head back to Borders at 8:00 PM, go assume our place, I reveal that I know a lot more about Twilight than most of the fans there (I do credit this to Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes and TwiCrack Addict). We get shipped upstairs. Listen to a very boring podcast. Then the fangirl screaming started. We stand....trivia.....then they disband to do a scavenger hunt. We think this is a perfect time to move up. Then the fangirl screaming starts. And continues. We position ourself for a prime location should a Twilight star show up. I end up standing next to the girl I was behind last week @ the Ashley Greene signing. Then, sure enough, Edi Gathegi shows up. He asnwers a few fan questions. INCLUDING MINE!!!!

My question: How do you feel about the new contacts for New Moon? (See Alice's here) He loves them. They make vampire eyes "pop" and they're easier to put in. Way to go me that an evil vampire would show up to the party!!! (I'm still letting everyone knwo I'm #8...I was kind of excited about that) So he finishes. We go get in line. #1-#7 don't show up. Well, I'm in front. At midnight the guy in the green hat says its midnight!! Go!! I get there, and some blog with a video camera interviews me. If i find it, i'll post it. Then I turn to teh guy and he says he doesnt have his DVDs yet. So I smile pretty and ask if since I'm the first to buy a Twilight, can I get a signed DVD? He says yes. About this time. Ghetto fabulous and her obnoxious friend show up, try to take the dvd and then get kicked to the back of the line. was nice. so then I skip back in line to visit Karina at her #50 spot and do a happy dnace b/c 1) I own Twilight 2) IT'S SIGNED BY AN ACTOR FROM TWILIGHT and 3) Only NYC allows things like this. We get up to her number, and she gets a signed copy too.

We go outside, jump up and down a litte, take pics. And I go home and watch deleted and extneded scenes. The DVD rocks. And now they're filming New Moon. And we get to do this all again starting November 20. Wehoo!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yellow leadbetter

So, what's better than your favorite books movie coming out on your birthday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. OK, maybe New Moon the day before my birthday. But maybe not. What's next?

Friday. Friday is REALLY close!! Why, you ask?

Well, Spring Awakening tix for when it is in Philly go on sale. Stage seats is the goal. And if no stage seats, well, there's still the gloriousness of Moma who bore me (x2), Bitch of Living, My Junk, Touch Me, Mirror blue night, I believe, The Guilty Ones, Dont do sadness/blue wind, Totally f*cked, and Those You've Known. And a new cast who keep a totally awesome blog. Find link to right. *Let's through totally f*cked in there again. That song is just so much fun to watch*

TWILIGHT!! No stars this weekend (that was last weekend, I so met Ashley Green!!) but we have a few more minutes of Edward/Bella goodness in DVD form. AND! I live in New York City, so the fun perk of Borders parties with Twilight fan celebs. Wehoo!!

Basketball. Did I really but NCAA round 2 weekend at #3? Yes.

And I get to bust out the coolest shirt I own. And then I get to spend the weekend with my brother. Who is bringing me more of those tasty sweethearts. And then I'm spending next weekend in Vegas. What?!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, Gossip Girl looks fantastic. And really new embed options are just way too fun on YouTube. So watch gossip girl's preview and check out the REALLY fun way its embedded :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't you evah

OK, taking a train as transporation 99.9% of the time, any New Yorker has that one moment where you want to give that one dumbass a swift kick in the ass for being and idiot and sticking their hand in the door. This is usually followed by the conductor saying something to the extent of "Please do not place any objects in the door when the train is leaving the station." My favorite daily read, Overheard in New York, which dedicated some of its on-liners to conductors who spiced it up a little.

Wednesdays Will Let Go Of the One-Liners When They're Damn Good and Ready

Train conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, if you see the doors are closing, don't throw yourselves at them.

--Uptown 6 Train

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, use all train doors. This is not a high school cafeteria line. Use all doors!

--C Train

Conductor: Stand clear of the closing doors. Please. Folks, I am not kidding, stand clear of the closing doors. Unless you like that whole cut-in-half look, then go right ahead and stand in the way.

--Uptown A Train

Overheard by: queen

Conductor: We are not auditioning for any amateur doormen today. Please let go of the closing doors.

--1 Train

Overheard by: RG

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen in the first car, please let the doors close. (people keep the doors open) Excuse me, please let the doors close. (people keep the doors open) Ladies and gentlemen, if you do not let the doors close, I will bite you. (doors close)

--Uptown 1 Train

Overheard by: amused passenger

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm not over

I FOUND THEM!!!! I FOUND THEM!!! What is "them" you ask? Twilight Sweethearts. Let me share some of my favorite hearts with you......

U R My Life
I (heart) EC
Bad guy
I trust you
Trust me
Bite me
I want you (i dont think they say this in the movie)
Live 4 ever

and some of them sparkle!!! and some of them are written in the twilight font!!! the rest were fairly basic. but. in all my twilight geekyness.....they ROCK!! Thanks to my awesome NYC friend for both leading me to a blockbuster and not laughing too hard as i was reading the hearts to her :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mirror blue night

Um, I still heart Hunter Parrish......

AND, I was flipping channels tonight, and a random Dashboard show was on. Hands Down never ceases to be just as awesome as it was the first time. So, without further ado......Hand down this is one of the best songs ever......

Saturday, February 28, 2009

That's what you get

So I found this on a random blog. Nice! It's a new one.

This is the tag game.

[1] Grab the nearest book.
[2] Open to page 56.
[3] Find the 5th sentence.
[4] Post the text of the next 2-5 sentences and these rules.
[5] Tag 5 peeps!

It wasn't nearly as easy to dance with Charlie. He was no better than I was, so we moved safely from side to side in a tiny square formation. Edward and Esme spun around us like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

So I hit my 100th post a few posts ago. I haven't done to commemorate it. I could share my most popular posts with you.

Equus Review
Full Moon
French Onion Dip
You're All I Have
My Junk

And there you go. I'm people watching in Central Park today with a friend. I LOVE people watching here. And especially in Central Park, because every nationality seems to walk around that park.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In My Head

So. I live in New York. Lots of celebrity sitings, right? Whats almost as cool? Think for 30 seconds you saw one :)

So I was in Dillon's Candy Bar the other day getting some giant jaw breakers also inquiring as to the whereabouts of certain Twilight Sweethearts. I walked around for a while, turned a corner and saw an English dude in a beany with messy blond hair. So for FIVE seconds I thought I saw Robert Pattinson. That was AWESOME!! Then I remembered he was in LA. And he probibly wouldn't go to Dillons Candy Bar.

But on an upside of celebrity sitings, I did see Susan Sarandon at the Cat Power concert.

And goodness, we're entering concert season again. It might be just as good as last season.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Those you've known

Random thoughts from JP at 1AM on a Saturday morning.

One thing that I'm really not OK with right now: June 30, 2010. Eclipse. What? It's going to SUCK!!! And I need the entirety of the Bella/Jacob punching scene, or I might be mad. It's clear now Summit is all about the revenue. I'm not sure I'm buying the "It's because HP #7 part 1 and 2 are coming out!" PS. Still worried about the Nov 20 release for New Moon. They haven't even started filming yet. But it's ok. Close to my birthday :)

Dude, I need an FYE so I can get my Sweethearts.

I CAN NOT WAIT til I get to see SA in Philadelphia in June. I'm DETERMINED to have stage seats. I may very well be taking my dad. But that's ok!! (PS. Current SA Obsession song of the week: Touch's SSSOOOOO good...currently on the side bar, have a listen!) And I walked by the Eugine O'Neill today for the first time since the show closed. It made me a little sad.

I finished East of Eden. What am I going to read now? I will not relapse!!! And, it was good.

I'm ready for spring. I'm SO tired of the brown jacket.

People being mad about Rent in high schools? How small minded.

In a week it'll almost be March. What? What have I done with my 2009 so far? Good question.

This podcast isn't too shabby either.

And that's all I have. I always wonder why I write posts late at night....they tend to be really honest.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Counting On Me

So, you know those little candy hearts from Valentines Day? AKA my favorite holiday candy? Well, turns out they're not just for Valentines Day, they're ALSO for New Moon Day!! Once again, merchandising a little over the top .....but I guess we do have tweens to keep the economy running. I mean, I can handle fun little candy hearts that say "I ♥ EC"

Monday, February 16, 2009


So, today, I got to spend some quality time with my little brother, and got the best advice ever. He came to a great realization. It goes a little something like this.

Don't ever say out loud "Who is stupid enough to do that?" out loud, because, upon thought, there is ALWAYS someone stupid enough to do that and they may be sitting right next to you.

Great advice. A few months ago, I'd read an article about how sexting (doing naughty things with your texts) is quite popular around high schools, so I told him about it. And they had a lecture about it this week in school, because it'd been happening at other high schools round the Lehigh Valley. He couldn't say out loud, due to the aformentioned revelation.

Your tip of the week :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey, Shipwreck

OK, so I was chatting with my little brother this evening, and he told me my dad showed him a video about Twilight. "What? Dad was watching Twilight movies on YouTube?" Mike told me it was discussed in a series he watches frequently. And oh my goodness, it was REALLY funny. So enjoy. Twilight talk starts at 1:25. Enjoy. Robots talking about Twilight.

"Nothing says killer like freaking glitter!"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Fallen

How funny. Franz Ferdinand is on the radio...and I'm about to tell you a story about falling.

But first!! So, as we all know from reading the blog, I'm more than obsessed with Spring Awakening. So I do listen to the soundtrack quite frequently. I have an undenying urge to sing to it. Not to dance yet, though. But anyways....I have another I feel like busting into song verse....and it is...and i usually have to lip sync it on the train........

But there's nowhere to hide from the ghost in my mind
It's cold in these bones of a man and a child
And there's no one who knows, and there's nowhere to go
There's no one to see who can see to my soul


So yesterday, I started off the morning terribly. I went and got on the train. The F train has two types of that can seat 7 people on each side and one that can sit 10 people. I like the 10 people trains...more turnover, more seats. But no, it's been the seven people trains lately (they do have heated seats when it's 10 degrees outside, which is delightful...but otherwise the trains SUCK!) . So I can position myself in the right place on the 10 person seats to get a seat in usually 4 stops. Not so much on the 7 people trains. So i position myself, and we get to the stop in brooklyn where everyone gets off, and a very annoying man swings around an elderly lady and plops down. Ah! I give him the evil stare that only New Yorkers can perfect when someone takes their seat on the train. He offers me his seat. No, idiot, I don't want it now that i know you're an idiot. Then there was a lady in an animal print coat. Which means one thing. She's very obnoxious, takes up the whole train and a Brooklyn or Queens native. Bad train ride. I had to stand next to her due to idiot.

So my faith in humanity was restored on the way home. I was reading my book (not rereading!!!) and this rather tall man sits down..and takes up my whole space. So I tip my book up, pretending to hit him, but lets face it, I meant to. He was actually nice, pulling out his accounting book. So redeeming for mean man. Then, it had snowed all day. I told my coworker I was going to fall on the way home. And I was walking home, and some kid was sliding down the wheel chair access ramp, so i walked up the slide. No, didnt make it. I slipped, landed on my side, and the kid apologized in 1/2 second and helped me up. Redeem #2.

There are nice people in this city. I'm not sure where they are. But 2 meanies were canceled out by 2 very nice people Somehow, I will survive these native New Yorkers.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Equus Review

OK, so last night I fulfilled many harry potter fans dreams. I saw him in person. I saw ALL OF HIM in person. And here's my review of Equus:

If you had an irrational fear of Mr. Ed as a child, this is not the play for you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mission: (What I think is completely) Impossible

So. I've made a decision and I'm STICKING TO IT! I WILL find a book that is not named Twilight or Outlander, I will finish it and I will enjoy it. And I will not let either of any books in the previously mentioned series end up in my purse. I REFUSE. I'm not doing very good a finding new books. I tend to pick them up and quit if I'm not instantly sucked in after 100 pages. I just put down La Suite Francais, it was kind of confusing. Too many characters and not defined plot separation. I was SURE it was going to be the one. NOPE. So what's next on my list? The Beach House by Jane Greene and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Yes, not what I prefer (as it is one chick lit and one classic), but I'm desperate. I haven't read a new book and enjoyed it since September (aka the beginning of football season).

Other missions that I consider impossible? Well, you would think that since I'm in New York I would see stars all the time. Nope. I've seen two. Stephenie Meyer (eeeekkkkk!!!!!), but it was fixed. It was on GMA, so kind of cheating. And America Ferrera while she was taping a scene for Ugly Betty.

Well, if I randomly run into three people, like sitting on an airplane, getting on the subway, in a store getting cupcakes, here's who I'd pick as of January 27, 2009.

Taylor Hanson. I've been following this boy for 12 YEARS!!! In fact, when I got third row tickets to Spring Awakening, I did think Oh my goodness, I'll be so close maybe famous people will be Taylor Hanson!!! No dice. No Taylor at SA. So, alas, TH.

Ethan Hawke. He's so pretty. And i've liked him just as long as taylor hanson. Though maybe when I run into him, I'll be able to say more than two words, because I won't be hyperventilating with over-excitement.

Kristen Stewart. Yes, this does have to do with Twilight. But she just rocks. And lives in LA. So see title of post. OK, Hunter Parrish is going to squeeze in on this one b/c he lives in LA now too. I know that I could have met him after a Spring Awakening performance, but for the purposes of this MI post, that would have been too easy. OK, Dan from Augustana would be fun too. And he's from Cali so he can squeak in this category.

And my new form of crack. I discovered podcasts. Yes, I've had an iPod for how long? Anyways. Twilight Source's Imprint. That's where it's at.

And on a side note......working in new media, i keep tabs on who visits my blog and how they got here. Funny search result. One person found my blog by searching for "Hunter Parrish life size cut out". Ha.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Misery Business

I'm suffering this terrible new obsession with Paramore. Granted, this consists of exactly four songs (Decode, I Caught Myself, Crush crush crush and Misery Business). Not really a thank you to the Twilight soundtrack.

Anyways, they're touring with No Doubt. Who is playing bamboozle. So i'm thinking there'a a possibility they could be there. This glorious emo-tastic festival at giants stadium the first weekend in may. My brother was suppose to go with me. I mean, let me give you this list of bands I'd like to see there: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Third Eye Blind, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Bloodhound Gang, New Found Glory and We the Kings. And that's just announced so far. and my brother has abandoned me. :( anyone want to go?

Other news in the music situation......I haven't listened to Spring Awakening in 2 days!!!! Current record for the new year. However, my four shows in less than 2 weeks was a fantastic fun. And I would have never done it if it hadn't of closed. SWEET.

It's 25 degrees outside, and my only real reason for writing this post is avoiding going outside to do my grocery shopping. I'm also stopping by the bed, bath and beyond for new pillows and either a space heater or an electronic blanket. Not feeling my nose this morning when I woke up was not something I enjoyed. I don't want that to happen tomorrow morning.

ok, I'm OFF!! Leaving....going to the store!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Song of Purple Summer

So, remember that post back in December that said it was a bad thing I found out about digital rush because the only broadway show i've ever liked was closing? Well, I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway for the last time tonight. And now I'm going to give you my full and uninterrupted review of every reason I loved this play (not to mention this is kind of my journal keeping track of my life, and i'll give to my kids one day so they'll make fun of me).

So. First off, Alexandra Socha was Wendla EVERY time I saw the show. She's adorable and was GREAT. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Hunter skipped out on me twice (PS. I've now seen this show one more time than Twilight).....but you were sick. This was evident the post-skipping show. My hands down favorite voice on the cast was Emma Hunton. See why below.

My favorite songs with quotes in perspective places:
So Momma Who Bore Me is quite possibly the best song of the show. But it's the first one, so I tend to forget about it. It's gorgeous. I always wonder how many times the actress playing Wendla has ever fallen off the chair while putting on her dress.

The Bitch of Living is just fun. And I love it. Tonight, I noticed most of the boys wear Converse shoes during the show....sweet!!!!

My Junk is next up on my favorite list. First of all, the scenes are hilarious. And it's just fun.

So last night, on the way to my friends house, I was debating whether or not to buy this 3rd row ticket to the show the day before it closed, and decided it was best to listen to the music to make my decision. "Touch Me" came on and I was pretty much sold (then there were three people who weighed in on the subject...and all leaned towards yes). Listen to the song. You'll know why.

(Favorite quote time)
"But my whole life, well, I've never felt....anything." Wendla

"There's a storm coming you know." Wendla

So those are just a taste of my favorite first act songs. And those were fantastic every time. Then you get to the second act. And we start out with "The Guilty Ones." I have nothing to say other than I love this song.

"Don't do sadness/Blue Wind" is possibly one of the best songs in the show. The first time I saw the show, when Emma Hunton began the second verse of Blue Wind....I thought "Damn. That girl can sing." She makes the song.

So then they play my least favorite song....Left Behind. But I must say, this evening as I sat in the third row, and the cast members were slowly lining the stage.....i did get goosebumps in preperation for the best performed song of the show....which is...

Totally F****d. That's really all you have to say about this song. Its awesome. My favorite performed.

Then Whispering....Those You've Known....Song of Purple Summer....

And that's my review. A pretty high bar has been set for my musical enjoyment. And i'm sad it's leaving Broadway. My bank account isn't :) But that's ok. It's been great looking forward to a live play in New York City. Now I see this big deal that I didn't even want to give the time of day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gone Away

So I've been a music freak as long as I can remember. In fact, I became an offiical major music freak on May 6, 1997 when I first heard "Mmmbop" and decided to love Hanson's music for the rest of my life. (Me, dates, I know, I kinda can't forget them) And I still adore Hanson. Though, note, I think most of their music is complete crap. But they're awesome anyway. So as I've accidentally deleted my iPod over Christmas, and my computer with all of my normal music is out of commission in the basement, I had to go through and grab a few CDs before I came back to New York so I could have a rather dated, but equally as awesome music collection on my iPod.

So, I came across one of my favorite mix CDs I ever made. And it's still as awesome as the day I burned it. I'm going to provide you the track listing. (I'm getting chills writing the's that good!!!)

1. Gone Away -- Offspring
2. Leader of Men -- Nickelback (before they started sucking)
3. Three Libras -- A Perfect Circle
4. Change -- Deftones
5. Turn Around -- Gomez (First heard on Roswell ....possibly the best scene of the entire series)
6. Stellar -- Incubus......I still blast this song if its on the radio
7. Completely Miserable -- Lit
8. Superman -- 3 Doors Down.....why does the first single always seem to be the best???
9. Nina Gordon -- Tonight (also a Roswell find...)
10. Orgy -- Dreams in digital
11. Incubus -- Miss You
12. The Dandy Worholes -- Bohemian like you (roswell find...but MAN its AWESOME)
13. Silverchair -- Miss you love
14. Silverchair -- Anthem for the year 2000
15. Sneaker Pimps -- 6 Underground (found this song before it was on Roswell!!)
16. Stabbing Westward -- What do I have to do?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Full Moon

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite people in this world. He shall remain nameless because I choose, but we'll call him Bob :) The majority of this post will be quotes, so follow along. If you don't speak Twilight, this post may not be for you. But it will explain the recent facebook album with questionable pictures of Edward the Vampire.

It all started in started sometime in August. Me:"Bob, guess what's coming out on my birthday!!!!" Bob:"What" Me: "Twilight!!!" Bob"OK, I"ll come see it with you on your birthday."

Some time in September me: "Bob, I'm too old to go buy a Twilight movie poster, will you pick one up for me at Hot Topic" "Bob: Yeah Sure."

November: Bob (not very excited, after being forced to say it) : I'm so excited to see twilight. Me: GOOD!!!

November 21: Bob: Well, that was a pretty good movie.

November 23: Me: Bob, did you see my copy of New Moon? I can't find it!! I swear it just got up and walked off my shelf. Bob: Nope, I haven't seen it

Thanksgiving: Bob: You didn't go buy a new copy of New Moon. Me: Yes, I'm collecting all 3 sets, hard, soft, and movie cover! Bob: Um, Jen, It's right here. (Pulls it out of his bookbag, like 3 pages in to it)

A few days later: (Random Text from Bob) : You're making me question manhood.

4 Hours after text: Jacob is a LOOSER!!

A day or two after that: Jenny!! I just got you the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!

Christmas Eve: Me: Bob, where are my books? Bob: I gave them to my girlfriend. Me: What?!

Christmas day: Bob: You're going on a scavenger hunt. Your first present. (A copy of twilight) so followed the clues through out the house. Ended up upstairs......with a life size cardboard cut out of Edward the Vampire. I laughed really hard. Followed by a photo session with Kristi, Edward and Me (Of all the pictures you see, tehre are about 100 others where I can't stop laughing)

Moral of the story: This present will probably go down in the history books. And a 6 foot tall cardboard cut out of Robert Pattinson posing as a vampire in REALLY scary. So strategically placing him around the house in dark rooms to scare the living daylights out of people can make for some great laughing. But I don't think I laughed harder all break than when I heard my mom scream because she walked into her dark bedroom and Edward was there to greet her.