Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, here's the usual Sunday post. So. Ride by Cary Brothers. I LOVE this song. The Last Kiss soundtrack introduced it to me. Along with Remy Zero. Zach Braff, I think you should come out with another movie just so I could have the soundtrack. And I watched The Last Kiss with my friend this weekend. Awesome movie. But I think this song is a "go with the flow" song. And that is something I'm going to try really hard to do over this month of July.

So, I'm moving to Brooklyn this week. Park Slope, here I come. I'm also going to start sleeping on the full bed I just bought (I'm so excited!! It's brand new!) My parents came into the city this weekend to help me pack. After living in Kansas and them in Texas, and then me in France and my parents in a variety of locations, I must say, it's pretty awesome to have your parents that close. I'm a fan. So my life is in boxes yet again. Let's see where it takes me. (Did I mention I'm tired of packing yet?)

So. I love Sundays. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's the one day I don't feel the need to keep myself busy every second of the day. I allow myself to sleep in (except for the fact that I set my radio to go off around 8:30 am so I can enjoy Acoustic Sunrise on the radio......AS, it's 3 hours of live and unplugged adult alternative on Fresh 102.7 in NYC and I just enjoy it). I go and read the news paper. Then today, I came home and read during a thunderstorm and then watched the Euro 2008 final. (Yeah Spain!!) And I've just done nothing the rest of the evening. I did skip church..but when it was time to go, it was pouring buckets and severe thunder storming outside.

So there's your weekend update. I love Sundays. That was pretty much the point of this post. Oh...I'll fill you in on something else. So the book I finished today was Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. Good...except for it was about a famous movie star who beat his wife. OK, well, the last book I read by this lady was about a school shooting. What a downer!! I need something lighter. I'm ready for August 2nd so I can read Breaking Dawn already...... but if you have any book suggestions, I'd be up for them. So I was looking at the top fiction sellers in the NYT today, and I'd read around five!! I was proud of myself for that.

And I got the new Coldplay CD (via Mike....siblings buying music is awesome!!). I'm not sure I'm a fan. I'll have to listen to it some more. I feel like I need a list for this post. So in honor of my Coldplay tix I bought today for someone's big birthday...I'll give you my top five coldplay songs.
1. God Pust a Smile Upon Your Face (Let's face it, it's the scene everyone had been waiting for for two years (except for me, I was watching it on DVD so it only took me like a month)....and the song was freakin awesome!)
2. Shiver......makes me shiver it's so good
3. Politik (I CANNOT wait to see this one live)
4. Green Eyes (Last Kiss's just the best)
5. Talk

Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet You There Someday

I said I think I'm moving to Boston....I mean Brooklyn!! Oh, the joys of having one of your bands sing about a town that starts with the same letter of the town you're moving too. Yep, that's right folks, I'm moving to Brooklyn. Why? Well, for many reasons...but most importantly, I found a pretty sweet apartment with some awesome girls who seem like they'd be good roommates. And for a bigger apartment (even though I'm pretty sure my room will be smaller.....but I have a full wall sized closet!) So I'm moving to Park Slope...the current hot spot in Brooklyn. My commute to work will be the same (45 minutes on the train), but just from the south!! And after some research, close to my new home will be: take out and bars and some wine sippin in my apartment!! And a huge park 3 blocks away. No more thirty minute train rides for anyof these things. I do have to purchase a bed. This will effectively drain my savings. But you know what? I saved it once, so I can save it again!

Other news in my world........I also got to move cubicles this week. Where? Oh yeah, the one with a window that overlooks Third Ave. It was a pretty sweet week for me moving to good places.

Which leads me to an apology for anyone that dealt with me during the end of April through May. I'm sorry, if you crossed my path, I probably wasn't nice to you. I had a HORRIBLE time. In fact, probably one of the worst string of weeks I've ever had. And I don't know why. I sure do know my mom was ready to push me out a window when we went to visit my grandma. Heck, I was ready to push me out a window (not literally, but.....)

Well, I'm finally reading a book that's not centered around romance or historical figures. I picked up 17 Minutes last week when one of the girls I work with said Jodi Picoult was her favorite author. So this book is about a school shooting from every angle. The judge, the kids that survived, the killer, the people working the case. It's really good. I encourage this read. In fact, when I was doing my normal nyt and starbucks, it was on the nyt best sellers list.

Well, gotta jet, but I'll write more later!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight Tuesday

Is back and in action (visit for your latest news). If you read my blog, I think you know I'm obsessed with it. But, I just finished reading my daily Twilight Tuesday.....and they talk about added scenes to the movie from the book...always a bit iffy....but the scene from today, I think this movie is going to be GREAT.

so from the scene:

bella: are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?
edward: um, yeah..........I had an adrenalin rush. They're very common. Google it.

I love it I love it. OK, I'm off to babysit now. I think Alexandra and I will go to my favorite park in the city....Riverside Park.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

20 Years

Dear Thunderstorms in New York --

This is a letter to you via my blog. First off, I'm glad you finally showed up. I'm a bit annoyed with the timing. So, we've had two of you this week. First, on Tuesday, my roommate was very nice and decided to invite me to Death Cab for Cutie (as in Translationism, Marching Bands of Manhattan, We Looked Like Giants). So on Tuesday, half way through their set, the wind picked up, the lightening started and we got sent home (Concert in a old pool.....sssoooo cool). So everyone had to climb up the sides of the pool, it started lightening like a mad house, and then HUGE raindrops decided to start falling. Faster and faster. Then, it just full on downpoured. And we were soaked. So when we finally got to the Bedford train station (With the rest of the people who were at the death cab concert) we had to wait in a hot sticky line of lots of high people. Not cool.

And yesterday, I went to see Vampire Weekend in Central Park for FREE! Well, midway through the first band, it starts pouring. And thundering. The band stops, we get kicked off the bleachers....and stand in a monsoon thunderstorm.....for two hours. And then it stopped and the concert continued!! And tehn Vampire Weekend came on....and it started to rain again!! It was a very wet experience. Will I ever go to an outdoor show again? Of course, concerts are my favorite thing in the whole entire world.....I just hope it doesn't rain!!!!

Other than that, my week has been full of soccer (Euro 2008, yeah baby!!). And rereading the Twilight series. And work. Oh. Thunderstorm are good because it's not that hot outside. and I dont have air inside. And who knew you could sleep in 88 degree weather....but not 95 degree weather?? I've never been so excited for an 88 degree day in my life. So now i'm off to starbucks to read the New York Times (I love the sunday edition!) and drink my starbucks before coming home to watch the hottest man in the world and the rest of my european country of origin kick some Swiss ass :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Soccer rocks my world

Not to mention the Euro 2008s start this week. I'm going to be in soccer heaven!!

ps US, please do better against Spain.

And I feel all of you need to watch this. David Beckham is not only one of the hottest men alive, he's damn good at soccer.