Saturday, September 26, 2009

Take a bow

So, over the past few months, I've had a few people point out to me that when I say "my favorite band," I'm referencing one of twenty I always say. So in this blog post, I'm laying it on the line. I'm making the definitive list of my five favorite bands.

All Time Always been there band:

Current I claim to be my favorite band:

The terrible pop punk addiction:
Fall Out Boy
All Time Low

Other band I take an extreme amount of joy in:
Dashboard Confessional
Green Day

There. Done! Ha!

In other news, my streak will not be broken. I'm going to a Kansas State football game this year. I may be heading straight to Vegas right after, but I'll make it! Which brings us to something very important. In Aggieville, they have my shirt making store, and I have to get my New Moon shirt made. Which I had my quote (Don't do anything reckless or stupid), but Edward says it in the preview AND it's different, so that's out. As a contest to see how many people read my blog, you should vote on my quote, cause I'm torn.

Your options:

1) Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here.

2) How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?

3) Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

I take write ins too. And go!

PS. I saw both Snow Patrol and Muse within 24 hours and it was AMAZING. Snow Patrol even messed up one of the best songs, and came back and played it a second time!! Run!! And I'll leave you with Hysteria, which I was STOKED to have seen Muse play live. Come back. Again and again, Muse. I'll see you every time.