Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Scientist

So long time no publish. Lots of concerts to catch you up on. I'm aware this is an unstoppable addiction..something like, I don't know, drug addictions. But how many times am I going to be in New York City in high season? good damn question. So, I'll keep going.

Since last I chatted with you, I first saw Hanson. Now, I was lucky enough to meet an awesome british girl who is just as obsessed with Hanson as I am. I also went with a girl I met at my book club. I got in a very long line and proceeded to wait for them to come on. They suprisingly had great opening bands. And then, after three long years of a hanson-less concert existence, they played two crappy songs from their new CD. Then, song 3 got busted out, and I've never seen a group of girls go more crazy than when Hanson starting playing "Where's the Love." They hit some high points, including MmmBop, Penny and Me, A Minute Without You. However, they failed to play Georgia. Which is precisely why I'm skipping the K State KU watch party Saturday to head to Jersey, do The Walk, hopefully meet Taylor Hanson and see Georgia live.

Then, I head a pretty hectic week and headed to Georgia (the state) then to Alabama Friday for Kristi's senior weekend of soccer. Went to a soccer game. Headed down to Panama City to see the first cousin on my mom's side get married. It was a blast. Not a blast was driving all the way back home!! And then KP's last soccer game. Then we headed home.

And then. Oh boy. Coldplay. Easily one of the best performances I've seen. Rank 'em up there with Foo Fighters and Green Day. Maybe ahead of the Foo. Chris Martin is AMAZING. My sibilings and I got my mom the tickets for her birthday. So, after getting back to teh city at 5:00, we headed to Penn Station, and got on a train. We took a train to a bus. On teh way to the IZod center, we got pulled over. Were you aware public busses can be pulled over by cops? Oh well, no harm, no foul. We got there intime for coldplay. They EVEN SANG all my songs: God Put a smile upon your up in teh rafters to sing the scientist....and then came back and started my FAVORITE song in the dark. Politik. Which, by the way, should begin playing when the lights are out. See below.

Which has brought me to now. Thursday night. On the verge of a weekend involving the Halloween parade (I'm armed with hairspray, glitter and light foundation to try my hardest to be Alice Cullen.....), Hanson, and Dashboard and Panic all with an extra hour and the KState/KU game.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snow Song

Good evening all. I'm sitting here on a Monday evening after a holiday waiting on the best night of TV ever (Gossip Girl and Heroes). I'm beat. I'm not moving far. If I walk to my kitchen tonight, it'd be a miracle. So want know why?

It all started on Thursday. I got FANTASTIC news at work. This prompted me to have an impromptu drink with the roommates and a friend. Then I came home and had to kill time for the new Twilight trailer. Which you saw. I'm stoked. Anyways...Twilight news first. So with the last and final trailer coming out, all this informative news keeps coming out about the movie. Like it's 120 MINUTES LONG!! Plenty of time for all that Twilight goodness. Also, this new photo, which sets the scene for one of my faves in the book, the first day Bella sees the Cullens in the cafeteria. If it's at all like this in the movie they got it right!!!! Almost exactly right!!!

OK, now on to my 4 day weekend. Zoe showed up on Friday morning, and as it usually happens anytime we travel together, it was a total blast. Friday we started out downtown to check out the Wall Street debackle on the actual street itself. We then walked ALL THE WAY to via Broadway and ended up at W 4th and ate at teh ever famous peanut butter store. I'm sorry, but you just can't go wrong with the Cookie Dough Surprise. Then we headed to free Friday nights at the Moma, met up with my friend Adriana and had dinner for under $10 a piece, and we ended up full!!! This, my friends, doesn't happen very often in NYC. NYC Pizza Check. The we went on to the next NYC food indulgence....Magnolia cupcakes. Then after chillin in Abbingdon Square we took a little stroll, all teh way up to Herold Square. Then got on the train, came home and promptly passed out.

Saturday, I told Zoe we needed to leave the house before all of the Big XII goodness started for teh day (Okla/Texas, Mizzou/OSU). Well, didn't quite happen, but we had goals for the day, so we left anyway. We headed to Times Square with priorities to buy scarves and get 1/2 price Broadway tix. So we got off the train @ 42nd street and 8th Ave was having a HUGE street fair. So scarves, check. We headed to the Broadway line which turned out to be obnoxious. So we decided to go to the next most awesome tourist trap....Macys!! I mean, seriously, we had coupons. Who ends up walking out of the store w/ clothing? Thats right, the native New Yorker. Luckly, I got all my stuff at either 65% off or 35% off and I got an awesome new skirt and dress. WE also had to have coffee while in Macys, which resulted in us being in a simulted drunken state b/c neither of us drink full cups of coffee very often. We then remembered we needed to RUN back to times square to get our broadway tix b/c it was only 2 hours til most show times. We decide to see Spring Awakening. We get tix, and head to Rockafeller Center to check that off the list. We then meander back and go to the show.

Spring Awakening. I LOVED IT. Note: JP is admitting to really really liking a Broadway show. Well, first of all, teh music was AWESOME. It was done by Duncan Shiek (the I am barely breathing, I can't find the air guy) and it was all rocky/poppy and FANTASTIC. And a great story (teenagers coming of age in the 1890s in Germany). LOVED IT!! Sold, and I'll probibly see it again.

So then we met Kira downtown on the LES. Did the new york night life thing, then came home. Sunday, after a delightful breakfast outside at a local bakery, we saw General Grant's tomb (Did you know it was the largest mosileum in the United States?) after walking through Riverside Park. We then strolled throughout the UWS, down to Zabars, through Central Park, down to St. Patricks, got SALTED CARAMEL HOT CHOCOLATE (heaven). And today we did Prospect Park, and Zoe talked me out of buying the new edition of Twilight w/ the cast cover.

And that was my holiday weekend. And it rocked. And in FOUR days, we saw all these neighborhoods: Financial district, Little Italy, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Midtown, Times Square, Hells Kitchen, Herold Square, Lower East Side, Park Slope, Harlem, Upper West Side, and Central Park.

That, my friends, is what I call a successful weekend. Peace.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

on my birthday, i would like to hear ONE phrase "stupid, shiny volvo owner."

i'm kind of excited!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Concert month of heaven officially kicked off last week with Matt Nathanson. And, well, here's what I have to say about. Once you've seen someone you REALLY REALLY like play in the Parkland High School gym, well, there's no going back. Even if they are in New York City in Times Square. With no Bent or Bulletproof Weeks, Parkland High will forever live as the best Matt concert I've ever been to. On the up side, I did get to hear Come On Get Higher live ( this song.) Enjoy at the bottom of the post :)

Other words on the street from Brooklyn, NY. Happy anniversary to me. This Live in New York anniversary. It's this week. How on God's Green Earth did I survive? Good question. But I am. And I've lived here a year. And Yeah!! Go me. I have a visitor this weekend. We're gonna eat like queens, see General Grant's tomb, and do what we want when we want.

And other announcements. So remember how concert heaven was extended? Well. Other posts also said the only way concert heaven fall could get better were if 1) Augustana decided to come and b) Oasis or Muse randomly decided to show up. Well guess what. BINGO! Let's extend concert heaven into December. Can i predict the future? So Augustana is playing the night before Thanksgiving and Oasis the day before I go to Kristi's graduation. I picked Oasis (wonderwall, supersonic, lyla, etc). I'm skipping augustana (for now). So enjoy wonderwall @ the top of the post.

And if any of you have book suggestions, please send them over. I'm at a stuck point. Let's face it, I'm still in hangover from Outlander, which was minorly cured by Twilight, and now I've had a third book do it to me. Time Traveler's Wife.