Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Now

So thank goodness it's 9:34 at night. That means I only have to wait an hour to go to bed. Which is a good thing, because I've had a horrible day. It's been terrible. Something happened, then I got on the train and walked to a seat and got yelled at by a guy "Hey! EXCUSE you!" "I'm sorry, what'd I do?" "you know exactly what you did." well, ass hole, no i don't. and you capped off a shitty day, and my three months of not crying was up. Yes, Asshole, because of YOU, I cried all the way home. I hate the D train. I've never been on it when a bunch of sketchy people from the Bronx weren't.

Anyways. Augustana did come out today. And I had such a bad day I sat and listened to it all the way through tonight. Oh boy. My favorite band. I prefer you live. I do. You're good on CD. But I've had you live, and well, let's face it. It's the reason I've got two concert tickets on my desk for your two nights in NYC. And after hearing Sweet and Low acoustic.....aaaahhhhh....can you just play your whole set acoustic?! Please?! OK. On to cd review. What idiot made you change the words of "heart shaped gun." Those are still the words I sing when I listen to "Hey Now." Other than that, I'm in love. And I'll see you in Hoboken.

PS. You're working your way up from when I saw you in Philly and I turned to my brother and said "Oh my goodness, they're the ugliest band I've ever SEEN!!" Dan. You look much better with cut hair.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Curve of the Earth

I know I'm two weeks behind. I'm sorry. But instead of write a lenghty post, I'm just going to tell you things I think you should know:

1. Augustana....TUESDAY. Yes, I dont think I've been this excited about a CD release in 3 years. But I'll prepare you. I'll bitch about how they sound like they sold out, then I'll go to their two concerts two nights in a row in the NYC area and be just as in love with them as I am now because let's face it. They're the best live. Or they're just the best.

2. I had choclate chip pancakes with toasted coconut on top for breakfast this morning after church. Yum.....

3. My room is currently spotless because I CLEANED it. I mean Cleaned. Thanks to Megan and Laura for various forms of motivation.

4. For the first time in my life, i'm willingly and knowingly skipping a Hanson concert. Hey, looks like I might be growing up after all.

5. I got to hang out at the park at the playground in 70 degree weather with a four year old this week and it was worth every minute of it. It was a blast.

6. Sex in the City is getting better. However, I'd like to find out where the abundance of men is in the city. I'm not finding any.

7. Oregon was a blast. Zoe and I climed up a mountain, saw a gray whale, and went to a recreation of Raiders of teh Lost Ark, recreated by 13 year olds.

8. I'm going home next weekend b/c my sister is coming!!!

That's it for this week. Be prepared I wont write til May (c;

Oh. and

9. GOSSIP GIRL IS BACK!! however how stupid are they to bring on michelle tracktenburg? haven't they figured out EVERYONE hates her. really. seriously.

10. Pandora.com

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Hero

I still love the foo fighters. good thing, I've got sixth row tickets to their show in July.

Crappy, crappy day, folks. It started at 8 am. Why? Who knows!! I talked to my most excellent friend LM for quite a long time last night after getting home later than expected due to some awesome folks at the IIR and karoke. Which should tell you I ended up in bed around 2:30 am. Why? Who knows. So why does natural body alarm wake up at 7:58?! Good question. But up side, i did find a starbucks with in walking distance of my house. So I went, sipped on a iced carmel machiato, and tried to read mists of avalon. Did you know Arther slept with his sister and produced a child? You'd figure that would be the interesting part of the book but oh no. it was terrible!! and it's not getting any faster.

so then i came home, on a beautiful 70 degree day, and sat inside waiting on the cable man. guess what. he was a no show. so at 5:00 i left and went downtown and mosied around. then i decided i was having steak for supper. so i did after i bought one at the grocery store.

and yeah. my day. oh, i started this post because now that its warm outside, lots of people are outside. so, i'm going to start hearing all teh crappy pick up lines i hear that must only work on prostitutes. where are the good guys of the city? good darn question i think i found out today that women outnumber men something by like 20,000 or so in nyc. great. anyways, on to the prostitute pick up line. i was walking down the sidewalk and really couldn't get through due to a group of dogs and guys. so i say excuse me.

"oh don't be afraid. the dog wont bite you but i will."

yeah! i'm going to bed. maybe my natural body alarm will wake me up intime to go to the arsenal/man u game at the fanatical soccer bar in the city. if not, i'll watch it on tv here.
well that's good to know.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Best Of You

Ahhh.... the one song that still makes me pretty happy every time it comes on the radio. Anyways, this post is dedicated to things I like a lot.

Good books. Like the one I have now....Mists of Avalon. It's working out for me. you should read it if you need a book (this is only if I haven't pushed Outlander on you. Only after you've read Outlander may you begin Mists of Avalon)

Sweatshirt weather. Aka, let's go outside, it's about 55 degrees and no need for a coat, just a cozy K State sweat shirt and it's warm enough your hands don't get cold.

New songs on the IPod. Nope, don't have any right now, b/c I'm bordering on poor. But I don't know if you're like me, you listen to the same seven songs all the time. Which leaves for not much new stuff.

Traveling. I'm falling so far behind. Granted I have lived in Europe for a considerable amount of my adult life which leads to traveling at every week break opportunity. Well 1) I'm poor. 2) No week break opportunities here in the good ol' Etats-Unis. BUT!! I'm going to Oregon which will be just fantastic (Zoe, killer whales, and glasses of wine in a HOME SETTING!! what's not to love??) and Kansas (well, I just can't portray how much I love Kansas...as many of you know) and Atlanta/Alabama several times at the end of the year. Oh and Denver/Kansas as well in August. I FINALLY get to see the rocky mountains!!!!

My new 90s rock station I've managed to make on Pandora. Yep. "Learn to fly" station creates for all the 90s music I love. Speaking of 90s music, I also am watching Party of Five season 3 on DVD!! I'm pretty sure I should have had my 20s in the 90s. but oh well, i'm in my 20s now and it's not shaping out too bad.

Alias. Ah. well, vaughn, season two, a little ethan hawke and two roommates who also love it? what's not to like?!

Card games. Pitch specifically. There were some good times to be had playing hours and hours of pitch. I kinda miss it.

College sports. Enough said.

OK, now my ranting for the week. As a single female in a city of weirdos.....mail is exciting. However, save the date mail doesn't count as real mail. KRock is chasing after some CRAPPY need to infiltrate crappy 80s and 70s rock into my alternative station. NO GOOD. and it's april. Get to sweatshirt weather!! And ok. Hanson. My fav band. I told myself I was NOT going home specifically for their concert (cause who plays Allentown, PA and not NYC? oh yeah, that's right, Hanson). And what happens? My dear sister decides to come home THE EXACT DAY. So my proceedings on May 2 are yet to be known. B/c when it comes to Hanson, I revert into a 14 year old psycho that I was then. But maybe I've grown up. But to be that close to Taylor Hanson and not see him sing Where's the Love? I'm not sure I'm capable of saying no.(ah...self esteem is now playing....GREAT GREAT. i love old school offspring. I'd also like to know where all the cool people who don't binge drink that are my age hang out in nyc.

ok, you all have a lovely week. I'm for Memphis to beat KU. I'm going to go eat, b/c I haven't yet!!