Sunday, February 28, 2010


T-5 days. Did I mention I have a fav section at Madison Square Garden, and my friend and I are SO in it?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Royal We

After a relatively challenging weekend, I'm walking home from the subway station and this is on the ground in front of the liquor store (it's across the street from my house, but no stopping in tonight) across the street from me:

Which in so many ways fantastically funny, I had to post about it.

But on the not so challenging note, I:
-Saw the Editors for free (the really put on a rockin awesome show)
-Saw my #7 team in the land beat yet another Big XII opponent
-Saw a great movie I hadn't heard of with a friend who keeps me up to date on awesome movies
-Returned to Dirty Diner for their breakfast
-Got up on Sunday morning :)
-Had my iPod die and be replaced for free all in one afternoon trip

Now I'm going to curl up with some Vanilla tea, read a book and enjoy Mr. Pattinson in a tux on the Bafta awards.