Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Name is Jonas

Q: So what happens when I say I will not go see Weezer and then see a set list like this one at Rolling Stone for the opening night in Boston?

A: I look for the New York show. Find out it's the day I'm looking. Then check Ticketmaster in case they're doing that thing where they have super awesome seats the day of the show. And yeah. They did. Bad news for my addiction to concerts and inability to say no. So my month of concerts begins a week early. So this ticket: roughly translates to:
And now I've seen some of the classics from my high school years, highlighted far and above anything by the sweater song. as well as say it ain't so, hash pipe, what's the story morning glory cover, and my name is jonas. Have a watch:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Even though I'm approaching my year anniversary of living in New York (trust me, it hasn't been a walk in the park) I still have the "Oh my goodness, I live in New York freakin' City" moments. Like tonight, after going to book club with a totally random group of girls I didn't know before three months ago, on my way home, with no new books in my bag, I was looking out the window, and there was the Empire State Building all lit up. Last week, I was sitting on the other side of the train, and I looked up and there was the Statue of Liberty. Then I wondered how many people dream of seeing that (even though it is rather small), and realized I get to see it every day if I look up from reading my book.

And the moral of the story is, although New York isn't my dream destination in life, it's great for right now. And the only city I'd trade it for is Kansas City (only if there were k state season sports tickets involved).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The '59 Sound

I'm a true believer in signs. I am. I believe God puts little hints into your life when you need them. And gosh darnit! He's done it to me twice in the last 24 hours. And I'm glad He has because because they always seem to come when I'm struggling with something. So, thanks God! You're awesome.

I'm sitting here finishing up the NC State/East Carolina game. All of a sudden its tied and there's 22 seconds left. And I'm waiting on my mom. She decided to come into they city today! I'm glad, this means I don't have to watch the LSU/Auburn game by myself. That's pretty exciting.

Curious as to what I do at work? Check out the website I've been working on (I am proud of it):
email me :)

I'm the "brains (with some help, of course)" to the updating and partially responsible for the layout. And want to hear a podcast? Check it out there. My voice is saturating the web via conference podcasts. Wehoo!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Learn to fly

isn't my new background the best? i love it.

so i just had a pretty sad revelation. I sound like my dad. IE. I right now believe that nothing will be better than music in the 1990s. ie. nirvana, foo fighters, hanson, richard marx, that song that they dance to on SNL, etc. is there anything like that right now? nope. i think i could never listen to another modern radio station and be fine. just give me my 90s alternative.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Don't Care

So, as I'm sitting here in my very sticky 80 degree apartment killing time while watching crappy, not close in score football games before heading to the UES to the K State bar to watch teh K State game, I thought I'd give you an update. JP's Music update to be really specific.

Two of my favorite bands have cds coming out this fall. I found this out this week. So, have a listen. Fall Out Boy's I Don't Care and Snow Patrol's Take Back This City. This is in addition to Matt Nathanson, Hanson, Coldplay, Panic and Dashboard, and now The Academy is (Thanks, LO!) I'll be in music heaven. I'm enjoy this so called music heaven. What more could I ask for? I always love more Augustana, but I won't push it. Oh wait. I know. OASIS or the MUSE!!

That's really about it for my week. I do have a new mission. I decided I'm going to conquer my shower drain. Currently, after one shower, the water stands about ankle deep in my tub. That's one. I'm third in line in the morning. So, you can imagine how deep my ankles are in the morning. BUT NOT ANY LONGER! I'm conquring it. I'll keep you updated. Test #1 is goign so far, but there have only been two showers taken.

OK, that's it. Go Cats. And Nedal.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You're All I Have

So if you know me well, you know it doesn't take much to put a huge smile on my face. So I thought I'd share the little joys of my Tuesday evening with you.

Many of you may know I love random things. And due to being banned from watching 90210 while in elementary school, I'm now on a mission to see every single episode. Which I've made it to the fourth season. I'll pick back up sometime. But anyways.....the new one started tonight. And it's AWESOME. I liked it. So this quirk of seeing all 90210 episodes has lead into a new series. We hoo. Someone should have picked up on Silver. Duh! And Rob Estes?! You were my fav character on Melrose Place!! And Annie (my former Darcy on Degrassi) you rock too. Dear Kellen Lutz, please encourage a Twilight preivew next week, I'd be super happy.

After three years of wanting purple kangaroos, I gave it. I got some. They're arriving in the mail shortly b/c I've never actually seen the color I want (purple) in the store.

And the inspiration to write this post....SNOW PATROL. Granted, I took a hating to them for a while b/c they bailed on me in Nantes due to a drummer's broken arm. So I've slowly been getting back into them. If you can name when and where you were the first time you heard a band's song (Me, Sophomore year of college end of 2nd semester, Run, @ the season finale of OTH) you know it's something special. Anyways...the wait is over. October 28. I'll buy it on the spot. They're just one of those bands for me. And they're on Live from Abbey Road right now.

And thats it. SEO's wedding was fantastic. She was georgous. LM and I enjoyed our LONG car rides to and from Denver with our Sonic. And hanging out w/ JCA between teh car rides was pretty fantastic. Oh yeah. AND K STATE WON. Go Josh, way to win teh first big xii player of th week award!!