Wednesday, January 30, 2008

See!!! We did it.

and with that said, i'm going to show you the Big 12 standings (both men and women):

Baylor 6-0
Kansas State 6-0
Oklahoma State 4-2

YEAH!!! Where'd the come from?!?!

And now, more impresivly, my men:
Kansas State 5-0
Kansas 5-1

oh oh! did you see that you see the 0?!?! I guess THAT MEANS we gave them the one!!!!!

Um, yes, WE BEAT KU!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have faith

And this just really made me laugh:

No player on either team was alive the last time K-State won at home.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Real World

I'm not a fan. Of parts. Especially the money part. Ggggrrr......

But on another lighter topic, my favorite holiday candy is now in stores!! Sadly, no boy to give them to me, but I love the conversation hearts anyway!! I'm a personal fan of the pink and purple.

Well, earlier I was having such a good day I was going to list everything that's currently pissing me off about the real world. But I'm not going to. I'm going to stay focused. In a few months I should be really settled into life as a real world adult in New York. And these rough patches, I just have to survive. And keep breathing. The one thing I can tell you I truly hate about moving is the adjusting to new surroundings. It always takes me a really long time. However, I'm doing really well for not having the auto friend group always given to me in other situations (your floor mates in college, the group of people that for some reason, like you, decided to pick up and move to a foreign country, etc.).

On an up note, I have 10 people signed up to watch the K State KU party!!! Hopefully a few more will show up! I also get to babysit tomorrow. I miss kids. I loved teaching in France. Now I get to babysit (c;

Ah, one of these days, life'll get back to my nice routine. Thanks for reading. I know this isn't the most entertaining of posts!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attention! My era of boy superstars

Dear Pretty Boys who were in Bop Magazine when i was like 12:

as you know, deaths in the movie star world usually come in 3s. This means Brad Renfro, and unfortunately today, Heath Ledger. Um, that's only 2. So everyone else (like Dawson, Pacey, Paul Walker....Ethan Hawke just cause i love you so much) please stay away from drugs for a while. It would be greatly appreciated....

love, jenny p

and i'll leave you with my fav heath ledger quote of all time, from a movie that i still claim as my favorite:

"No, but I'm sure you've thought of me naked."
"Oh am I that transparent? I want you I need you oh baby oh baby."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good weekend....

other than the fact that the Giants and the Patriots just won.....not the superbowl that i would have chosen, but what do you expect after the college football bowl went....

Anyways, I wrote to let you know that I've been doing well on my new years resolution. Mike came this weekend and we hung out at my cousins house tonight and last night, we hung out with the KU alum of New York City. (yes, I did go to kstate, but I enjoy in general people that love the state of kansas......until they start singing their Kansas songs and then it gets a little weird!).

I'm also reading the Alchemist. Hhhmm....great life decisions to make you happy. What an interesting time for me to read this book. Ok, I think it's bed time b/c I bet this post doesn't make sense to you!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Man, KU's good.

I'm watching them play OU. Which we beat OU. Um, we'll have to do a little more work before we beat Kansas.

Someone asked for a weekly request (you comment, I will respond (c; Elizabeth!!). Last week went pretty well. I got my new glasses!!! I like them! They're now just to the point that I can't see the rims and I'm used to the clarity they offer.

I organized my first KSU watch party. We had about 15 people at tip off, which was great!! But, unfortunately, I had to bail and babysit for the lady I worked for this summer. The little girl was so much fun! She's 4. She could identify all of the States by their shape and name the first 20 presidents (um, I can name the first 3....sometimes). But I got a happy call from my dad as I was loosing to her in Chutes and Ladders to find out that Kansas State won!!!

Sunday, I watched my KSU girls play at home. And we beat Texas. This game between these two has never let me down. We won in overtime (c; In case you don't follow KSU bball, we knocked 2 ranked teams off while we were at their home courts.

Ouch...half 40 KU 20 OU.

OK, well, then I went to a new church and joined a adult group at my new church!! It was fun. I was one of the younger ones there....but that's ok. I think all those young people were watching Dallas loose to New York (sad face....I'm a Dallas fan). But Darrin lead San Diego to a touchdown and a win over the Colts!!!!

OK, that's it for me (c; have a lovely week!!

New band alert new band alert: The Maine. Check it out!! They're AWESOME!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two days in a row!!

that's how many times i'm posting!! Well. I just finished a "I like emo a little to much" playlist on my IPod because I was missing a little something. I was going to tell you what I put on it, but then I just decided I'd give you the most played songs on my IPod:

1) thanks for the memories fob
2) dance, dance fob
3) i slept with someone from fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me
4) stars and boulivards augustana
5) either way i'll break your heart someday augustana
6) heart shaped gun augustana
7) i'll meet you there some day augustana
8) ride cary brothers (i really need to buy this cd)
9) come on get higher matt nathanson
10) still ain't over you augustana
11) nobody puts baby in the corner fob
12) this ain't a scene, it's an arm race fob
13) of all the gin joints in the world fob
14) XO fob
15) don't you know who you think I am fob

obv...I'm not lying about my emo and my next band....i got it at home over break...i'm so excited Panic! At the Disco....however I learned today that they dropped the !.....what were they thinking for those of us with IPods?!?!

well, haev a lovely weekend...i'm being excellent on my new years resolutions

and go ksu cats!! ladies, way to beat the aggies!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh the month of January

Not to mention the fact that I still have to think when I spell the month. And taught, oh about 50 french kids how to spell it wrong. Woops....I did correct myself.

OK, well, it's been a busy beginning of the year. My mom had told me a while back that some months are more expensive than others. Boy have I learned that. I took care of all of my doctors appointments. Except for the dentist but he scares the living crap out of me. So I'll just put that off some more. But anyways, I had to pay for a pair of glasses. And I'm still recovering from Christmas presents. Ahhh!! And then I went and joined the Y today. YEAH!! Ps. I'm going to the YMCA in Harlem. How cool is that?!?! I'm doing something in Harlem!! And I had to book a plane ticket. On the upside, I'm flying to Denver for $200.

And that's about it. Now i'm going to kill about 30 minutes and watch gossip girl without commercials.

xoxo....jenny p

Friday, January 4, 2008

My Obsession with Teenage Stuff

As Mike pointed out to me the other day, I love teenage stuff. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe because my teenage years were pretty crappy.....had a friend go phsyco on me in 9th grade, no friends in 10th b/c of cette friend, moved to texas in 11th and 12th was much better than the last three years. So, honestly, that's why I think I still enjoy teenage stuff so much.

I really enjoy ALL the research I do on marketing to teenagers. It fascinates me. Not to mention my constant watching of teenage shows (degrassi, dawson's creek, gossip girl, etc), Mike so kindly pointed out that I'm reading a book about teenagers (the Twilight series), and teenage music (Fall Out Boy, and all that emo stuff)

And then I was on the N and took this survey!!

I think the moral of the story is.....I need to end up in teenage marketing!!! My goal.....or I'll start volunteering 24/7 to make people around me happy.

So!! Any weird obsessions with you?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's that time of year!

The begining! That's what time it is. I'm sitting here doing a rather gen y activity (or activities): Listening to my new Spill Canvas CD, typing my blog, and watching the Sugar bowl and occasionally flipping to one tree hill. Multitasking that our generation is rather good at! Add another....chatting.

First off, Go Hawaii.

Second: My new years resolutions. First off, I'm going to list off everywhere I've lived in the past 8 years: Newport News, VA, Rockwall, TX, Mahnattan, Ks, Amiens, Fr, Manhattan, Ks, Nazareth, Pa, Nantes, Fr, Nazareth, PA and New York, NY. If you can't count, I'll help you: 9 places. I'm so FREAKIN tired of moving. Good thing I'm planning on living here in New York for a while. OK, but the moral of the story: I really really hate making friends. I love having them. I love everyone I have met, but the effort it takes for me to put myself out there. It SUCKS! Now, granted, I now have freaking awesome friends in all 4 US time zones. And I'm glad. But not many of those folks are in NYC!! So this is my new years resolution: I'm putting myself out there. I'm getting to know the NYC public. I'm making some more friends in the eastern time zone. I'm also finding a good catholic church.

That's it! And my obsession with emo music will probably continue. Newest to my collection: Spill Canvas (go to and listen to I'm All Over You, it's worth your time) and the Starting Line. Good stuff! OK, Happy New Years to you!