Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whats my age again?

Twilight sweep. Rock on. Someone begins filming a movie in my city this week. What?! Life dreams may soon be coming true this week. I haven't seen a celebrity yet. It'll all be made up soon. It's just got to be karma.

Oh, and way to go Twilighters for making the sweep of the MTV Movie Awards.

Oh yeah and most importantly.

NEW (freakin) MOON:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is it any wonder?

You know those days that just pop out of nowhere and are so great, you end up singing and dancing to Fall Out Boy on your walk back home?! OK, yours may not include FOB, but you know what I mean. Here's my day of awesomeness. Because it was just that good.

1. I got out of bed at normal time, but was running so early, I got a seat on the train and got to work 15 minutes early. I was also reading New Moon......(I'm waiting on Hunger Games from the library!!)
2. I was SUPER productive ALL MORNING, and afternoon. So productive I didn't realize I was hungry until 2:30.
3. My friend BEAT me to the best Twilight news ever. They filmed the scene I'm most looking forward to in New Moon. (I can't find the exact post tonight, but it does call for Bella and fountains and reuniting with Edward.) See here. It's only spoilerish if you haven't read new moon. And I think everyone I know who reads my blog should have already been pressured into reading it!!
4. I have twitter. (Follow me! ksujennyp). I started reading Pete Wentz's Twitter Monday. Pete Wentz is touring with this awesome band called Blink 182 this summer. Presale today. Pete tweets password. JP get tix to shows in Hershey and Pittsburg, PA. ROCK THE FREAK ON.
5. I go to the Borders and find out I'm a true Twilighter. I don't get to audition for teh on-air Twicon spot, but I find out none of these girls saw the movie in theaters (Ok, I did see it 8 times), people have only read teh books 1-2 times, they don't know Rob isn't scheduled/announced for Twicon, and weren't first in line to buy the movie @ Borders Penn Plaza at midnight. I leave when my friend comes with the satisfaciton that I'm the best.
6. My friend (the one that broke teh twilight news) and I randomly run into another friend we haven't seen in months in the checkout line for dinner @ whole foods. Which was AWESOME. We had a lovely dinner.
7. We walk to Radio City Music Hall.
8. We go into Radio City Music Hall and I realize that I'm giong to see Blink, FOB, and Panic Wednesday and Friday, then have tix to OAR and Matt Nathanson Saturday at MSG. Concerts are so freakin awesome in NYC. That's going to be one hell of a week.
9. We're at Radio City for the Keane concert. Oh my goodness. WHAT A SHOW!! Turns out I listen to a lot of Keane. And they were awesome performers!!! They're going in my top 5. With Green Day. Augustana. Foo Fighters.
10. Super awesome email when I got out of the show. Can't discuss yet, but it's AWESOME!!

Now I'm going to bed. Have to clean tomorrow evening before my weekend of touristing.

In spirit of me dancing and singing on teh way home (because I literally was), have some Dance Dance!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Touch Me

I'm not going to lie. I think you know though. I'm kind of stoked for the Spring Awakening Tour cast in Philly.

AND T-5 days til our first glance at NEW MOON!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check Yes Juliet

So. Concerts. I have issues. They're my one true weakness in life. This summer may be the best lineup I ever get.

Mike and I have decided to call it the "Awesome Summer of Concert Awesomeness." aaahh....I'm sitting here killing til I buy the cheapest tix of the summer.

So who am I seeing this summer? OK, I have repeats. BUT!! Since I went to Bamboozle, we can't really consider that a band's show, can we?

I'm seeing:
All Time Low and We The Kings
Green Day @ MSG (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
OAR and Matt Nathanson
AND. Quite Possibly. Blink 182. FALL OUT BOY, and Panic at the Disco. (x2!!!)

beat that. awesome summer of concert awesomeness. ok. i do also get to listen to augustana for FREE in september!!!!

oh, nyc. you rock. i also get to go see spring awakening!!!!

peace out. i'm off to do good an enjoy the weather. after i buy my atl tix.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Lose My Life

Post of random thoughts from me, JP.

First off....I really enjoy finding out how people find my blog. And, by far, the best search result popped up a few weeks ago....drum roll please....someone found my blog searching for "borders midnight release edi gathegi signed dvd ghetto girls "

Second. I'm really enjoying my alternative bands right now. Dear Maria (listen to the right) is my new skip song. Check Yes Juliet has also elevated itself all the way to the top 25 on the iPod.

Third...check out that new moon countdown. It's below 200!!!!! They're filming Volutri scenes now!!!!! Yay for Alice and the yellow porche.

Fourth. Yeah, that's all i got. Oh wait. Check out my fav youtube channel.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Maria

So, since about October, I've been in a music rut. What exactly did this consist of? Spring Awakening and the Twilight soundtrack on REPEAT. I repeat REPEAT. I do like to beat things dead, but oh man, I knew it was good, but needed a switch. Enter a few bottles of wine, Scrabble, and two dear friends I somehow convinced to join me for a day of emo heaven otherwise know as Bamboozle. We had two days to choose from, so obvi, we picked Fall Out Boy's headlining day, Saturday.

Anyways, practically all week, I felt like skipping and dancing everytime I sat down with my iPod and automatically switched it to We The King's Check Yes Juliet. So, I was out of town all week on business. Then I came back Friday, and rested all day (watched Rachel Getting was ok), and hoped it didn't rain come yesterday.

So enter Saturday. I start acting like a kid getting ready to go to a candy shop....literally, teh skipping, huge smile, bursting into Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance in teh 2 square feet of my room there is to dance.....yes. So my friends adn I met at Penn Station before the show. I did my little jump up and down dance walking to get our tickets. When we finally made it to the Giants Stadium parking lot, we stood in a huge security line because it turns out only women can pt down women.

Anyways, we spent the day with NO RAIN on the pavement. There were downs: Johnny on the Spots, Moody Jersey teenagers, lack of trash cans, people lackign common sense.

But the highlights:
- Counting down teh minutes for We The Kings
- the Bloodhound gang, which turns out, they SUCK LIVE....teh roof is on fire...not so good
- We the Kings. Awesome. Awesome. That's all I have to say.
- Gavin Rossdale. You know when the dude starts out his set with the chords to Machine Head, it's gonna be freaking steller (FYI, I remember the day my dad bought me 16 Stone in sixth grade). Played a LOT of Bush. Everything Zen, Come Down, Speed Kills. And my friend captured the essence of his performance best when saying "He's performing like he's making love to his music....and it's AMAZING." And she captured it perfectly, even with Machine Head, you could tell he truly LOVED his music.
-The Boys Like Girls. They were sssoooo full of themselves their performance was terrible. Suck.
then we took a break. we needed to set down. so we found a little bit of untrashy pavement and made the best of it.
-We then resurfaced for All Time Low. Which was awesome. I think what amazes me the most about these bands is the fact that tehy don't get played on the radio. It's purley grassroots efforts. They have their little band of groups, then tehy all tour together, get discovered on myspace and pandora and gather a HUGE following not ever getting played ONCE on the radio.
-Then Journey popped up. Which didn't impress me much. I don't really care....I was hoping for paramore. But everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so I went with it.
-Thrid Eye Blind. These dudes were on some SERIOUS drugs. Not impressed. Didn't play a song anyone knew until 30 minutes into their set. That's after they started their set 15 minutes late. However, teh actual music was good. Too bad I didn't know any of the words.
-Fall Out Boy. I love these kids. However, when you're teh headliner, and no one is singing along to the words from you new cd, except for the incredibly obnoxious tall 17 year old you're standing directly in front of, maybe that means IT SUCKS. To their credit, they did rock ALL my favs. I slept with someone from fallout boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me, sugar we're going down, grand theft autumn, thriller, dance dance, thanks for the memories, a little less sixteen candles, this ain't a scene. Very content with their set, however, I was kind of tired of sitting in a trashy parkinglot full of really annoying teenagers.

And that was Bamboozle. And I loved every second of it. But the moral of the story is, I bought the all time low cd today. And I maybe heading for a musical change....yehaw!!!!