Thursday, December 3, 2009


How does one kill five hours in an airport after spending three days blogging? By writing a personal blog post, of course!

Well, it's been a busy fall really. I've been on three business trips. Which is crazy. (I'm traveling back from Singapore [what the heck? when did i start doing exactly what I said I wanted to do in college which was getting paid to travel...super super weird] as we speak, since the sitting in the airport).

Well, were do I start? How about my AWESOME birthday week. I assume you've read the blog before. Birthday week hasn't really been birthday week the past two years, it's been OME Twilight MOVIE week! So the weeks leading up to New Moon, I really didn't see anything past November 20 at 12:01AM. Next year has the potential to be REALLY boring. Except for Eclipse on June 30. Which, remember, is my 2nd fav book.

On Tuesday, I went to pick up my movie tickets I'd bought a while before, and decided to pop on over to Burger King to get my Team Edward crown. Note: A 25 year old should never wear one of these. However, birthday parties at bars could possibly be the only exception. So I got one. And one for my co-bday party friend. Who didn't wear the crown :( But the crowns were NOT team jacob and team edward, they were on with bella on the front. How not fun!

Then on Wednesday, I got to be all New York Twilight Super Fan. So right before I went on my second business trip, they announced that Kristen Stewart was going to be on Jimmy Fallon. Well, recall, I LOVE Jimmy Fallon anyway, so I called and got my tickets! My friend Karina and I (Who also attended Twilight DVD Release at midnight) joined me for a super cute interview. I'm really Team Bella....and it was my first time seeing any of the BIG Twilight stars in person. I may be bias, but I think it was my fav interview of the press tour. She also then threw footballs in 4 inch heels and broke her targets.....It's at the bottom. KStew+Jimmy Fallon = Epic win. Sadly, there was no Bothered. It was the next night with Taylor Lautner.

So on THURSDAY, I had somehow convinced friends to go to the midnight movie with me. And you saw the review. I LOVED it.

And of course I had to go on Friday. But my mom and sister and a friend dealt with the sweethearts and a coworker joined this time. And Time #2 was just as good as time #1.

The the birthday/party was Saturday. Everyone came and it was lots of fun.

Sunday, well, I may have contributed more to the epic amount of money to the aforementioned movie in this post.

Tuesday, I got to head home for a family Thanksgiving. Which was really fun, because at one point, I thought that it was just going to be my dad, my dog and I.

My mom and I played about 7 games of Scrabble on Thanksgiving. Which was WAY too much fun. Wine can contribute to major amounts of points, but playing seven games also gets you in the same groove!

And then I came to Singapore. And had a blast. However, packing when it's 40 degrees outside for 90 degrees weather is a bit troublesome. Especially when you are too lazy to pack (And you end up wearing a shirt gift a friend gave you that you said you were never going to wear in public and a cute scottish boy sits next to you when you're surfing on the wifi....). And I'm headed home. Where I get to go see All Time Low. At this point, they're 10 of the top 25 songs on my iPod and I know pretty much every word to every song. These concerts are the most fun. So I'm REALLY REALLY excited.

peace out.