Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Sweater Song

This weekend was, in a word, awesome. I had little doubt it wouldn't live up to its expectations. So, random bullet points of my weekend:

-I now own New Moon. After getting it at midnight, I promptly came home and FREAKED out for thirty minutes while watching THAT MANY extended scenes. Then realized there were no deleted scenes, cursed Summit in my head, then called and told my lil bro that he needed to get the Target edition. I understand why everything was cut, but oh man, Mr. Weitz. You rock my world because that was still quality stuff.

-Saturday I watched the real movie. And Villanova lose before heading out to meet a friend to go to the park. After wearing improper shoes to the park, I decide I should probably go home and change them before the KSU 2nd round game for the later birthday party. But then I score check and KU is losing to Northern Iowa. This means I will endure the pain of the shoes to get to the bar to watch it.

-I make it to the bar at half time and watch Northern Iowa do their thing. They had me nervous, but then made an UNBELIEVABLE three pointer, and I knew KU was done for good. Then I promptly start worrying if KSU is going to follow this upset trend. Nope, have no fear, my small but mighty crowd of around 30 KSU grads loudly enjoyed our victory and trip to the first Sweet 16 many of us can ever remember attending.

-@KiraCNN's awesome birthday party.

But my real reason for writing this post is to share in summary:
1) New Moon is still kickin ass. (And I found the deleted scenes online!)
2) First & Second Round NCAA weekend is my FAVORITE. In summary: We won and KU lost.
3) The End, Seattle's Alternative radio station rocks. (example last few songs played: rise against, anberlin, weezer, stone temple pilots and now Orgy's Blue Monday). I LOVE THIS STATION. Listen.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well Thought Out Twinkles

Dear Muse,

I just wanted to let you know that you ROCKED my face off last night. And since you decided to play Map of Problematique 4 songs in, I just got to enjoy every part of your show and not wonder whether or not you would play it. And was there a song you didn't sing? Your laser lights show stood up to EVERY ounce of pump up. United States of Eurasia was SICK. As was Stockholm Syndrome along with Hysteria. Who doesn't love Knights of Cydonia? I REALLY enjoyed Starlight. Let's not forget Super Massive Black Hole. And you even threw in Undisclosed Desires? This show is going down as a fav. Unnatural Selection caught me by surprise. (Real Set List)

In short, my lil bro and I's next two concert stint is Muse. And we're doing front row pit. Because throughout the entire show, I couldn't stop thinking "These guys are RIDICULOUS!"

Update: Someone posted a GREAT version of Map Of Problematique. The first time I heard this song, I knew it would be AMAZING LIVE. And IT WAS.

So, someone has a pretty stellar recording of Knights of Cydonia:

Dear Silversun Pickups:

You didn't let down either. I'm DYING to see you in a smaller venue with your crowd. I vote the Hammerstein. So come back. WAY TO HIT the good songs!! Growing Old is Getting Old, The Royal We, Well Thought Out Twinkles, Sort Of (!!!!), There's No Secrets this year (better make sure, better make sure you're looking closely, before you fall into your swoon........), and of COURSE my 2009 SONG OF THE YEAR. Panic Switch.

Both of you come back to NYC soon.