Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Born

Two posts in one weekend. Watch out!

Muse. Declared. The best band I've ever seen live. They're so ridiculously talented, you spend the entire show thinking "Oh my goodness, what's one word above talented. Because that's what Muse is."

And what do I love about them even more? What was song #2? Map of Problematique. AKA My favorite song. So I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the set and I enjoy it. So much so that they leave the stage, and I turn to Laura and say "They just started!" to which she responds "They've been playing for an hour and twenty minutes."

And what's the 3rd point as to why they're the best band I've ever seen live? They blew a fuse during the show. Literally. 3 songs in...during New Born.

SSPU>Metric in terms of openers. Both great. But I'm bias because SSPU has been a favorite of mine for a year and a half.

Moral of the story: I stand by my previous statement. Go see Muse live. It'll change your life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Party Scene

On Thursday, which was October 21, I thought "Thank goodness this year is almost over!." One
more month of being 26. While it's been a fantastic year in some ways, I won't be sad to part with it. It has been, in a word, challenging.

In college, I was extremely blessed to be set up in a bible study my freshman year that landed me on Boyd 2 my sophomore year of college. Two doors down, the ever fantastic LM and down the hall and around the corner and at the other end were JCF and
SEW. Little did I know, seven years later, these ladies would still be some of
my closest friends in this world.

Highlights of that Kansas trip:
-The friends. Yes, we may only be in the same state once every two years, but when we're together, it doesn't matter. (Check out that shirt handywork....That's all LM)

-Kansas State Football. I have gone to a game every year since 2000. Going back and forth for weddings, I was a little worried about breaking that. However, thanks to Thursday night football on ESPN, the streak continued. That is really all I can say about that experience.

-We continued our bachelorette craziness, ie...Pitch in a Salina hotel. It's kind of becoming a tradition.

-Team No Name did some fantastic work on preparations, including decorating the reception and getting programs ready to go.

-After the rehearsal dinner, JCA's mom was kind enough to invite the wedding party over for mingling. When Matt's side of the wedding party mentioned Pitch, they had no idea how the two out of state bridesmaids had been deprived of people who don't even know how to play the game. LM & I *and maybe the rest of the wedding party* teamed up against SEW and the Best Man for one LONG game of pitch. Inevitably, there was some vanilla flavored cherry coke and a sketch deck of cards that also has become a tradition at theses things, which made for one of the most entertaining games of Pitch I've ever played. LM and I won :)

-The Wedding day was super nice. LM did the makeup, the dresses fit (once we figured out how they latched at the
e top), our hair was super pretty, and Matt is now one of us. (Wedding Photo courtesy of Chris who is LaBrisa Photography, CALL HIM. He's AWESOME)

-As for the reception, I didn't have my co-speech writer extraordinaire, so I winged it. It was HORRIBLE. Speaking infront of people is not my fortee.

-And then, due to a horrible DJ, people QUIT dancing. As the Maid of Honor, I felt it was my duty to keep the dance floor alive. So, me, JP, and the five and seven year old, danced our little hearts out. It was super fun. After they tired out, I made sure to dance with everyone from the wedding party. There was some horrible two stepping and some great swing dancing that ended with an elbow to a nose, which resulted in so much laughter, we couldn't continue.

-Then, as weddings in Kansas do, I got to spend some awesome time with SEW on Sunday and Monday in another road trip back to Kansas City.

Then I got to come home and see Jimmy Eat World two nights in a row, and had a great following week. Then this week happened. And it's over, and I survived, thank goodness. And I got to see All Time Low last night, and I'm headed to see one of the two bands I will claim are the best to see live w/ another former roommate . MUSE. Have chills? I do :) They are THAT GOOD.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heart is Hard to Find

1) After 3 years, I finally got new Jimmy Eat World. Like the Silversun Pickups, this band just makes me smile. They kick so much behind it's not funny. And all of their music is enjoyable. Hands down best new song: Invented. Which evidently they don't play live. But you know what they are playing live? One of my Top Five Fav songs of all time: Work. A week from Thursday!!

2) Back in April, I expressed my love of John Gallegher, Jr, and the performance of American Idiot. While returning from Kansas last week, I was sitting on the plane during my layover and American Idiot tweets that none other than Billie Joe Armstrong is playing St. Jimmy. Um, what? Excuse me? Let me buy tickets RIGHT NOW. So, my friend Elizabeth and I sucked it up, got cheap tix in the balcony and went Saturday night. Few notes: 1) I still love John. He's my fav. I really wish I could have seen him as Moritz in Spring Awakening. 2) He was really good. WIN for Billie Joe as St. Jimmy. (better video...Time of Your Life)

3) Dear Outlander the Series....You're the best set of books I've ever read, and I'm annoyed that you've set standards so high. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did a good job...but now that I'm done with them, I'm left thinking "I need another Outlander." So if you have any suggestions...specifically series...suggest away!!!

Location of this video is just about where I sat: