Thursday, August 28, 2008

I write sins not tragedies

Reasons my weekend will rock:

1) The Rocky Mountains (FINALLY)
2) Diet cherry limeaide with extra cherries
3) LM JCA and SEO (SW when I get back)
4) Maybe a game of pitch (?)
5) College football
6) My hot dress and freakin high high heels
7)The western US
8) Less than a 5,000 people in a square mile radius
9) A wedding (not mine of course)
10) A four day weekend

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad Songs

Well. I forgot to post the other night. Some of the coolest news ever!! Sorry Harry Potter is not coming out on November 21. This does suck. However, Twilight took its spot!! So for JP's 25th birthday, I'll be going to see Edward and gang. And then doing something that resembles a party somewhere. I mean, seriously, I can't just go see my current obsession book on my birthday. That's no fun! Let's hope they did as good of job of translating it into a movie as they did with The Notebook.

I got my Panic! at the Disco tickets today. Now, there's a Death Cab show. Do I go and hope they sing Translationism and We Looked Like Giants? Undecided at the current moment.

Shawn Johnson rocks. She's my new fav Olympian. I REALLY hope she's back in 2012.

OK. Point of this post. I added a blogroll. Obviously, you read mine. So if you have one you update, and I'm unaware, please let me know. I'll add it and READ it!!

You have a lovely weekend. I'm going home to hang out with my mom before I head out to Kansas next weekend, then officially spend weekends watching LOTS and LOTS of football. I went to a Yankees game!! With my dad. It was fun. And we were in teh no drinking section (? what is it with me finding the no drinking things?????). Did you knwo they had those at pro sports games?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bulletproof Weeks

So, I've been listening to Matt Nathanson a lot lately. For some reason, I find him incredibly relaxing. So, have a listen. He's a guy and a guitar. And when you go see him in a show, he's got the biggest potty mouth I've ever heard. I bought my first Matt Nathanson CD in 2004. And then I got Some Mad Hope recently. And yeah. Anyways the reason I began to write this post! I live in Brooklyn now!! The first Brooklyn song I heard while living here was by Matt Nathanson!!

I get to go to Kansas in two weeks. In fact, that's why I turned the computer on in the first place. JCA informed me there are no Sonics in McCook, Nebraska. So, I have to find one on I70 between Denver and Sarah's hometown. I've been counting down the days to drinking Sonic since I last left Kansas in May. And DARNIT! I'm HAVING SONIC! I'm going to go find one now :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bottled Up Inside

So, some people have a weakness for clothes. Some people have a weakness for shoes. And then there's me. Concerts. And excitingly I'm in NYC (Or we could look at that as a sad thing for my bank account). And I have one rockin' concert season coming up this fall. Want to know who?!

10/2 -- Matt Nathanson
10/20 -- Hanson
10/27 -- Coldplay
11/2 -- Dashboard Confessional and Panic At the Disco

And that's with me skipping Weezer. AKA the sweater song. And word on the street is, the best season for concerts in NYC is the fall. So that may not be it.

So the two bands i'm dying to see: Oasis and the Muse. (I freakin missed Muse @ MSG last summer :( )

Monday, August 11, 2008

In Your Eyes

I'm not sure who the original "In Your Eyes" is by, but I've been in love with Jeffery Gaine's ever since the first time I heard it. I think it's the acoustic guitar. But that's just my guess. In lieu of my facebook status (I'm loving the new Gossip Girl ads around town) I thought I'd share my new fav. gossip girl commercial. And appologize for this horrid background. But I needed something different. I'm in search of a tasteful brown one. So if you come across one, let me know, otherwise we're staying with She's Got Style.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cannon Ball

Good evening! I'm chilling here on a Sunday evening (often times my fav time of the week) waiting on my chat buddies for a group chat. And I figured, I'm aiming for more than four posts in August. :) I had a rather delightful weekend. Friday, Mike came. We went to the famed peanut butter store. I had a cherry cheesecake PB and J (Crunchy peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese and cherry jam....yum!!). Then we went to Pineapple Express. I think it's safe to say that I saw that movie because James Franco had long hair. But it was pretty funny. Then we came back and watched the tivoed opening ceremony for the Olympics. So here is what I have to say about that: We should be embarrassed. Where'd they pick the commentators up? The street corner?! They were so derogatory to some of the countries in the parade of nations. And why oh freak why did we see George Bush when the American athletes were walking in?! No, I'm watching the Olympics to see the athletes. Not my poor excuse for a president Bush.

Saturday started out wide open. I got my newspaper...and got 2 sections. NYT home delivery on weekends is OVERRATED. They forgot the front page AND the sports page. Idiots. Then I ended up going to Roosevelt Island for the first time to hang out with my cousin, and we ended up seeing Batman. Then I met Adriana downtown for a beer. And that was good too.

So I'm falling off my rocker with concerts in new york city. I've also pretty much committed all my fun money to them. It's ok, I'll survive. BUT. I missed the fact that one of my emo bands is playing on TUESDAY!! The Maine. It's sold out, of course. But I think I'll swing by the Roseland after work and see if someone wants to sell me a ticket :) BUT!! Exciting news.

So I'll preface it with my five favorite songs of all time (In no particular order):
1. Stars and Boulevards - Augustana
2. Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
3. Possession - Sarah McLachlan
4. Work - Jimmy Eat World
5. Best of You - Foo Fighters

So I've seen all of those songs LIVE except...Hands Down. Does it get better than Dashboard Confessional, Panic At the Disco, and the Plain White Ts? NO! Rock band tour, yeah. And I can complete that live songs list. And thats one of those concerts where I listen to all teh bands. Which is awesome after the past few concerts I've been to where I only listen to the headlining band.

Other news....would this be a JP post without Twilight news? Nope. I finished Breaking Dawn. I got it Friday @ midnight and finished it Tuesday night. That was with a FULL weekend of touristing. And some people hated it. I loved it. I thought it ended just as it should have. And I loved the fact that both Monday and Tuesday morning. A OH MY GOSH! moment happened just as I got to the 34th Street metro station. I get off at 42nd. Both days!! I got laughed at several times on the train too, for my rather vocal reactions.

So now I’ll spend my evening watching gymnastics and swimming and chatting with some of the coolest people ever :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cruel Summer

Well, it's been ONE crazy week. I'll tell you about it.

So Mike came in Tuesday, and we met at the Port Authority to go to the Foo Fighters concert. He picked up dinner...and all I have to say is McDonalds, you can't rip off the ChicFilA Chicken sandwich if you aren't using real chicken. So we ate outside the IZod Center in Jersey, and then went in to find our seats. Well, I know that I had 6th row, but mike and I get to the bottom and turns out 6th row is code for first. SO! We had front row to the Foos. And it turns out it was the last night of the tour. So everyone usually watching backstage came outside and stood in front of us. So at the begining of the show, a lady brings out a 3 year old with adorable pink noise blockers. Then the Foo Fighters came on, and she was out there again with her mom, climbing on the stairs going up to the stage. The Dave came over and got this huge goofy grin and the little girl freaked, so it was Dave's daughter. My heart melted. Bad ass Dave Grohl melting at the sight of his daughter. And she was ADORABLE. And Dave is like 1000x more attractive than he was. Well, Mike and I didn't get home til 1:30. (meaning I will die when my mom and I go see Coldplay in Jersey).

So Wednesday I was in bed by 9:30 because I had to get up at 4:45 to go to Good Morning America!! I got there around 6:25, Laura came and met me. We went inside and stood for two hours, but were warmly rewarded when Stephenie came out and signed our books and took a picture with us!! Since my roommate Laura did such a good job of recounting the experience...check out her blog...and it has pictures.

And then, I didn't get much sleep last night either. No good for me and sleep this week. But here's what I learned today: Jenny + Little sleep + the dentist = not a good situation. I hate the dentist. But since I hadn't been in two years, i had no cavaties and didn't have to go back for that drilly went well!!

And now, I'm getting ready to go to the Park Slope Barnes and Noble. I'll be the 12th owner of Breaking Dawn at Midnight. YEAH!!