Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

That's right, mine's going to get spiced up Monday night, keep reading (c;

So my Monday started out with a bang. I had a phenominal Monday in fact. I decided a while ago, I was going to make my first vacation to the west coast (never been there) to see my friend Zoe! So I booked my plane ticket to go to Oregon in April. Zoe and I decided I'd come mid April when killer whales happened to be off the Oregon coast. (YEAH!!) At this exact time, miss Allen had finally been persuaded into coming ot New York after many, many "come to new york" ads produced by moi! Thirdly, my new roommate came home and asked what I was doing tihs coming Monday. Well, my dad is coming in for his birthday but he'll go home late afternoon. OK, Laura said, "Would you like to go see the Spice Girls at Madison Square Garden?" What?! YES!! I never saw them on the only tour they did in the US when I was in middle school!!! OK, tehn Wedneday, my sold out Foo Fighters show had magically opened a few seats and I looked at the right time. SO!! Spice Girls Monday, Foo Fighters Tuesday!! I wonder how many people are doing that combination.

OK, Tuesday, I was fully planning on going to the gym. Miss JCA had even told me she was going to make fun of me if I didn't make it, b/c I have a membership and have never been. So then I take my gym bag to work. I realize I left a hair band a home. Then I got an Email to babysit that night. OK, I decided to babysit. However, Alexandra and I did watch Barak Obama friggen SWEEP his states. Hillary, just realize that if you get the big, YOU got it by cheating. Winning a few big states and having lot of really old cheater friends as super delegates.

Wednesday. I watched K State fall apart. Terrable, guys, horrible. And that was when my Foo Figthers tickets magically popped up on my ticketmaster screen.

Thrusday. Valentines Day. Honestly, I'd almost forgot it was Valentines day. I hate the holiday. Not becuase of my terrible track record of boyfriends on Valentines Day, but because it's a terrible trick to make you spend money. If I do indeed ever receive flowers for Valentines Day, I want them either the day before ot the day after. Anyways, I ended up gettign drinks with Kira and her roommate and friend after work and then we watched The Jane Austen Book Club. Brilliant night.

And that's jp's week. I'll snap some pics of me and my roommate at the spice girls concert. PS. I'm goign to be closer to david beckham Monday night than i ever have been in my life.....4th ROW!!! I'm stalking him down. ah.....

ok, happy saturday and go k state men and women.

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sarah.eulaine said...

That is a very exciting week...and this next one is too. Have fun!!