Sunday, March 6, 2011

Possum Kingdom

I got tagged by LM to do this. How it works is that I tell 10 things about myself that people may or may not know. Then I pass the award onto 7 other bloggers whom I want to participate.

My 10 things:
1. I used to refuse to wear dresses. I hated them, and would never to wear them. Then I moved to New York City and experienced 100 degree days and discovered the magical cotton sun dress.

2. During the fall and winter, the bar on Saturdays and Sundays is my second home. Would you have said this to the college me, I'd of said you were crazy, the new NYC me sees it as the only place to see every college football, college basketball and pro game I ever want to see.

3. I don't watch movies in my spare time. Which is contradictory considering that if I find a great TV show on DVD, I'll watch for hours. Case in point: Alias and Skins.

4. I am horrible with numbers. Don't trust me with them, and if you'd like me to remember some numbers for you, you'd better have a pen and paper I can write them down on.

5. Concerts are my absolute most favorite thing to do in this entire world. I classify everything I see into three categories 1) The type of band I will see every time they come because I love them that much (Hanson, Muse, All Time Low, etc) 2) The band that's good and they have that song on the radio you can't stop singing and you may as well go b/c what else are you doing that evening? Or they havent toured in a while and they're pretty good 3) I'm in NYC and it's free.

6. Every book I ready is judged against Outlander. I'm aware this is a horrible fixed point, but, in my standards, it's the best.

7. I still buy CDs. Like the hard discs. When something I want to listen to comes out, I head to Best Buy to get the $7 special and have a beautiful stack right next to my books. I also still really listening to the radio...if it's the right station.

8. I like to travel. It's my goal to eventually travel enough that Delta upgrades me. At least once.

9. I love roller coasters.

10. I never actually intended to move to New York kind of just happend.

And I was the last one tagged to do this. LM, SEW and JCF, post date tag. Voila!


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Way to be JP. Oh how I would love to have another Alias marathon.