Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to assess your seater

As many of you know, I call New York City my current home. One of the benefits of New York City is ditching your car for the subway. All those rumors you hear about seats on the New York City Subway are TRUE. You steal seats out from under people, pull out your book and NEVER look up because if you make contact with an older person you're going to have to give that seat up (Or I will, because I'm nice. But many people here aren't nice, so.....)

Often times you come across seats on the subway that are are between two people. Sometimes, people feel the need to take up more than one seat or 1 1/2 seats. That's not the big problem. What is a problem is when a third person doesn't know the size of their own behind and choses to sit between you and that person who is overflowing over their seat two seats away. And sticky, sweaty New York summers make this situation EVEN MORE FUN.

So I ask you this, delightful blog readers, should you ever come to NYC, know the size of your seater. Know where your butt can fit. Because if you try to smush yourself between me and the other individual, its not fun. Or worth sitting for any of us. And you'll get that deadly New Yorker stare.


lmoylan said...

This made me laugh out loud. The same could be said for pregnant ladies, knowing the size of their bellies. I learned that the hard way.

laura said...

Ha, seriously. I always get so excited when a really skinny girl sits down next to me. No touching!

sarah.eulaine said...

I used to think either "don't sit by me" or "let a skinny person sit by me" on my bus rides. But now I'm back to driving...one of the downsides of the office move.