Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet You There Someday

I said I think I'm moving to Boston....I mean Brooklyn!! Oh, the joys of having one of your bands sing about a town that starts with the same letter of the town you're moving too. Yep, that's right folks, I'm moving to Brooklyn. Why? Well, for many reasons...but most importantly, I found a pretty sweet apartment with some awesome girls who seem like they'd be good roommates. And for a bigger apartment (even though I'm pretty sure my room will be smaller.....but I have a full wall sized closet!) So I'm moving to Park Slope...the current hot spot in Brooklyn. My commute to work will be the same (45 minutes on the train), but just from the south!! And after some research, close to my new home will be: take out and bars and some wine sippin in my apartment!! And a huge park 3 blocks away. No more thirty minute train rides for anyof these things. I do have to purchase a bed. This will effectively drain my savings. But you know what? I saved it once, so I can save it again!

Other news in my world........I also got to move cubicles this week. Where? Oh yeah, the one with a window that overlooks Third Ave. It was a pretty sweet week for me moving to good places.

Which leads me to an apology for anyone that dealt with me during the end of April through May. I'm sorry, if you crossed my path, I probably wasn't nice to you. I had a HORRIBLE time. In fact, probably one of the worst string of weeks I've ever had. And I don't know why. I sure do know my mom was ready to push me out a window when we went to visit my grandma. Heck, I was ready to push me out a window (not literally, but.....)

Well, I'm finally reading a book that's not centered around romance or historical figures. I picked up 17 Minutes last week when one of the girls I work with said Jodi Picoult was her favorite author. So this book is about a school shooting from every angle. The judge, the kids that survived, the killer, the people working the case. It's really good. I encourage this read. In fact, when I was doing my normal nyt and starbucks, it was on the nyt best sellers list.

Well, gotta jet, but I'll write more later!

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ecloern said...

"take out and bars and some wine sippin in my apartment!!" ??? what is this all about missy?? (o;

Oh, and Jodi Picoult- awesome! I've read 2 of her books: "My sister's keeper" and "The Pact". I'd recommed both. You'll have to let me know how it goes. Both were kinda depressing though. I wonder what her deal is.... anyhoo. Have a great weekend.

Bisous, Elizabeth