Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Junk

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I LOVE SPRING AWAKENING!!!!!

Even though Hunter Parrish abandoned me tonight, his Pete Wentz-look-alike (minus tatoos) replacement had a way better voice and fit the girl who played Wendla much better. And why is this Broadway show closing? And its a terrible thing I found out about $40-day-of-show tickets. And Totally Fucked just gets BETTER AND BETTER each time I see the show. And DAMN can the Ilsa girl sing!!! Merci a 90210 for putting this on my radar.

Speaking of Pete, I'm so proud of myself!!! I skipped the $10 day of CD release show in Times Square!!! Look at my trying to cut my addiction. (But note: I did see Spring Awakening instead) However, Folie a Deux does rock. I'm kind of in love with I Don't Care.

And I LOVE Kristen Stewart. She's refreshing. Cause we can't all be as annoying as Britney or Miley.


laura said...

Haha, remember how you hate musicals?

ksuJennyP said...

well. you do have a point. but no one ever told me that there was a rock musical that had teenage angst!!