Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coffeeshop Soundtrack

Well. It's finally summer in New York City. It took until August 15 to reach 90 degrees here, but it finally did. I'm ready for it to go away now. With my revelation yesterday that I only have to spend two more weekends without the promise of college football on my Saturdays and the Chiefs sucking it up on Sundays, I'm full on in "get here now fall" mode. The I took a walk this evening and ended up at the Columbia bookstore, and they had my second favorite part of fall.....the college hoodie. For some reason, the band Gaslight Anthem means fall to me now too. So any song I hear on Alt Nation by them has me begging for October's crisp Sunday mornings that involve a hoodie, a caramel machiatto, a Sunday newspaper, and a bench in Riverside Park.

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