Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet me on the equinox

Well it's 2:52 AM EST on November 20. What does this mean? I've seen New Moon. Let me review it. Let's pull out a handy list I made on April 26. If you plan on seeing new moon and dont want to be spoiled, please turn away from this post.


Did you see the movie yet?

Yes, good! Keep going.

No? Why did you let your eyes get too far. Leave!!

OK, on to the list. Highlighted occurred in the movie.

1. The fountain-run-as-fast-as-you-can-save-Edward sequence. The second she runs in to him, "We're not dead, not yet! But we have to get out of here before the Voltouri----" (OK, not the quote. but the running made it in)
2. That palpable moment where she almost kisses Jacob. The hug, then tension, ALL OF IT! (there were two!!!)
3. October, November, December and January
4. The break-up scene "you don't want me?" (word for word, mind you)
5. After Bella wakes up from her little trip to Volterra....the whole thing would be fine with me "I’m dead, right? I did drown. Crap, crap, crap! This is gonna kill Charlie.” and As far as dilusions went, this one was pretty good. (Fail. Pretty goofy anyway)
6. Bella explaining the voices to Edward "Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here." (fail)
7. Alice and Charlie in the kitchen after Alice re-appears. (fail)
8. Jacob's "At the funeral." line *epic epic win*
9. Alice. And the 911 Yellow Porche Turbo. "Bella, how strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?" (The t-shirt got quoted this year!!!!)
10. The first motorcycle/voice hearing experience

I'm also not opposed to Edward having his shirt off the entire time they're underground in Volterra, which is how it was in the book. And I'm kind of excited for Alice's line "I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her." And how they're going to demonstrate the fact that she won't fall asleep from Italy to Seattle. And Edward breaking the TV while they're voting. In short, I'd like to see whole thing :)

Review: I could not have chosen sequences better myself. Chris Weitz did not change ONE THING. Edward was really not in it. Which is exactly the way they needed it to happen. Kristen Stewart blew it out of the ballpark. I LOVE not breathy Bella!!! Charlie and his mustache charmed me yet again. Aro. FREAKIN ARO. And Jane. Ah-mazing.

And they played my fav soundtrack song after Bella and Edward reunited.

The ending. Oh MY GOODNESS. THE ENDING. Fan. Huge fan. EPIC win.

Chris SHOULD do breaking dawn. You win.

I'm post-dating this post as to not offend the not so die hard twi-hards.

So how do i follow up a freaking fantastic movie i've been looking forward to for a year? By seeing it again, of course! Only 13 hours to go this time. I tend to like things more the second go round. Then by my bday party. What am i going to do when Twilight doesn't come out on my birthday next year?!?!

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