Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Sound But The Wind

Well, it's almost that time again! Which is why I'm writing. My countdown clock is WRONG! New Moon in exactly 13 days. So I've got my soundtrack, I've got my shirt (we had a clear winner...thanks to those who voted!! I'm a big Alice fan anyway), tickets to Jimmy Fallon when KStew is on (No, not Taylor and not Ashley....I chose wisely :) ), and not one but 2 tix to see it, one w/ my Twilight buddies @ midnight, then the 2nd is w/ everyone I went to see Twilight with last year...which is kinda awesome b/c it's a rather large group. (Oh, I already know a lot of the scenes I want are in it!! Yay!! Blog post) PS. If Rob makes a special appearance on Robert is Bothered while KStew is at Jimmy Fallon, I think my New Moon week would be compete. Have you see Bothered yet? STOP RIGHT NOW and CLICK ON THIS LINK and watch Shark Week.

In other October news, I: saw Hanson, live blogged a conference in LAS, got ALL TIME LOW and WE THE KING TIX, saw West Side Story (really good, btw), saw my little Bro at college, continued to see K State once a year play a football game, got addicted to Vampire Diaries, started enjoying Private Practice more than Grays, and enjoyed another fantastic session of Wine and Scrabble.