Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stadium Love

On my summer vacation.......oh wait, I'm not taking one. I get to go to Kansas twice this fall. So I have a makeshift summer vacation. And I'm right in the middle of it! I went to the Gramercy Theater, Madison Square Garden, The Prospect Park Bandshell, Jones Beach and will continue this magical vacation at the Central Park Summer Stage, The Roseland Ballroom and ending up at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Hello, my screenname is ksuJennyP and I'm addicted to live music.

Tuesday: The Maine. Gramercy Theater.
Story: I actually thought this concert was Wednesday. So a rushed train ride home for a lunch break and describing this band as "The Duchy Ones after Hanson at Bamboozle" was how I talked a friend last minute into joining me. The lead singer is still duchy. But oh so pop punk infectious. And I LOVE IT. Highlights: Everything I Ask For, Inside of You, and Don't Stop Now. And one of my all time favorite lines from a song: Love is a luxury she said, I'd rather be in love than die via This is the End. WIN. I'll see them again. I might still be the oldest one in the theater.

Wednesday: (Suppose to be my free day) Arcade Fire + Spoon. Madison Square Garden.
Story: I didn't check my Twitter ALL DAY. So when I got off a crowded subway station @ 5;45 and found a tweet from Madison Square Garden telling me I had to reply by 5PM to claim my FREE tix to Arcade Fire and Spoon at Madison Square Garden, I DMed them back and promptly called my brother to complain about losing the tickets. A text at 6:15 notifies me I'm just in time, pick my tickets up at Will Call and have fun. DUDE. Seriously. Free tickets via Twitter for the only night of the week I don't have tickets to a show? Yes PLEASE! Highlights: The great instrument change of this 8 person band. Highlight: Neighborhood #3

Thursday: Metric. Prospect Park Band Shell.
Free. Metric. Show. Brooklyn. Of course I'm there. They were good. I enjoyed their music. Great seats and good company. And their front lady is quite talented and entertaining. Highlight: Gold Girls Guns.

Friday: Paramore. Jones Beach (Check one for life goal: See a show at this venue.)
So, every time a Paramore song comes on my iPod, Hayley Williams' magical voice makes ME WANT to SING. I love her voice. So I hard core lip sync because singing outloud on the train would make me crazy. If you ever see me on the train talking to myself, look closer, I have headphones and I'm most likely jamming to Paramore (and the lines: I'm in the business of misery, let's take this from the top.....). This is what I did in my sleep deprived state Friday morning on the train all the way to work. So, this was my first time at Jones Beach. New Found Glory first. They're so annoying....but put on an awesome live show. Tegan and Sara. PERFECT for this open amphitheater on the water in Long Island. Then PARAMORE!! Started off with Ignorance, Careful (I LOVE THIS SONG), Decode, For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic, Crush, Crush, Crush (Freakin) Crush, That's What You Get, and obvi MISERY BUSINESS. And the rest of the set list. I just love their music.

Full report next week with shows including: The XX, Something Corporate, and ending with my all time favorite live band....GREEN DAY (Who has already had this review from Philly for this tour...the word "Epic" is in the title)

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