Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I need a book

So this summer, I stumbled upon The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I'd read Into the Wilderness series while I was in France. I kept hearing about this series, and one day just picked it up at the library. Seven books, 1000 pages, hard cover and HUGE. For a while, until Harry Potter came out, I'd finish a book in two weeks. And then in September, I finished the series.

And I need a new series. I'm in pain with out one. But this one was SSSOOO good, I have a high standard now. Claire and Jamie, I just don't think you can get better than that!! So I need books. Now. I got a library card, now I have to find an author. And it's NO FUN. I'm so picky. I need historical romance. But not smut romance, intelligent. OK. Back to my quest to find these series.


ecloern said...

I'm soooo getting the Outlander series. I think I read the first one Jr. year in high school, but I've been reading waaaaaaaay to much intellectual crap lately.

Way to motivate me to get back on the romance novel train!

ecloern said...

Nice location. I think I'm in Afghanistan. Oh, and I'm an accountant too (o;