Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Room @ the end of the world

So, my flight south leaves at 6:15 tomorrow morning. And I haven't been able to motivate myself to pack. Why not you ask? HOW ON EARTH do you pack for this? There is one key word: air conditioner. They have plenty of it in Texas. Unlike New York City. They also have Bluebell Ice Cream. And plenty of things that make me want to abandon the east coast for the midwest/south. Then again, look at those highs.

Other things of note this evening. LOOK at this travel schedule. By September 12, I'll have spent awesome amounts of time in every time zone. (whoop whoop for my first significant trip to the Mountain Time Zone that doesn't involve Kansas on either end of the trip!). PS. Look at the delicious amount of Delta Sky Miles.

More great observations: I know you weren't just getting off the train on Sunday afternoon, checking Twitter for the USWNT score because the game was almost over waiting for the inevitable loss tweet, then burst into a solid run in 95 degrees for three blocks dodging people to get to a bar to watch the women WIN in PKs (and today too!! I do know my Red All Over Jersey is making it into my backpack when I finally pack)

And finally, Harry Potter does come out this weekend. I'm realized as I was marathoning through it (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (1/2 way through 6), and 7P1 finished, btw), I saw the first one in Rockwall, Texas. I'm seeing the last on in Rockwall, Texas. I haven't lived in Rockwall, Texas in 8 years. How awesome is that. Alas, I leave you with pure awesomeness (I just spent 10 minutes looking for the Ginny Weasley picture. where is it?!) Neville will have to do. Have you seen him in a suit?! Do yourself a favor and google it.

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lmoylan said...

I have only seen the HP5, 6, & 7p1 and now my first midnight showing, all in GTF. But I am excited and excited for your travels.