Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Funny the way it is

Although I claim I'm a Kansan in New York City, it's kind of a far fetched idea (and claim I'm from Texas when I'm around anyone who is actually from Kansas). But, truth is, I did the majority of my growing up years in Virginia. The natural disaster that freaks me out the least in life is in fact the mighty hurricane.

On a side note, from yesterday's natural occurrence, I am not equipped to deal with earthquakes. They freak me out. I didn't feel yesterdays earthquake, but seconds after I read about it on Twitter, I wondered how I would protect myself four stories up in a building. Will standing in a doorway at that point protect me? Or should I dive under my desk?

I can, however, fend for myself when it comes to preparing for tornados. But most especially hurricanes, because I lived through one. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd hit Hampton Roads. We got out of school for a few days, my mom still had to go to work (she is a nurse), and we camped out in the living room after the power went out. My sister and I sat in the family room and watched it blow through our back yard. The highlight of watching the wind blow was when the dead tree that we'd had for a few years blew apart. Then, after the storm was over, my dad pulled out the handy grill and made SpagettiOs. (Solid memory of KP, MP & I)

Which brings me to
today. You know how when you prepare for something it doesn't happen, but when you don't it will inevitably come to pass? With the oncoming threat of Hurricane Irene, I chose to head to the store today to make my emergency preparedness kit (before everyone else decided they needed to). Lots of water, food, candles, and I even found a first aid kit before I threw it up in my closet.

So, I am now prepared for what is probably going to be a storm with just a lot of rain and wind. But this is all in high hopes that this storm will chose to take the most eastern path possible because I am prepared.

My goal here was to try and trick Mother Nature. I super splurged this weekend to enjoy 9 hours of one of the best jam bands around. It is a festival, so in addition to the 9+ hours from one awesome jam band, there are other bands like OAR, The Head and The Heart, Josh Ridder, Dispatch and The Roots. However, this festival is taking place on an island and the only way there is via ferry. Not to mention it is in a field so there is an erected stage. Sunday is really the only day in question, but that's still a 3 hour Dave Matthews set which does have the potential of songs like Crash, Two Step, American Baby, and so on.

We shall see what happens, but in either case, I am prepared. And I have my SpagettiOs should I have to recreate my post-1999 hurricane experience.

At any pace, safety first for those in the path!

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sarah.eulaine said...

I love the SpaghettiOs story :)

And thanks for the update!