Monday, September 19, 2011


I knew last Thursday morning, when I had to get up early to go to work early, and I accidentally caught the 8:15 early train, my vacation to see my college roommate was going to be awesome.  I also realized that this was the first time we'd get to spend more than 2 consecutive days together with no wedding involved since we live together in the Fall of 2004 (Holy Snap, that's a long time).

Highlights of the vacation in somewhat order:

- LM's grown-up house and being greeted by her bubbly two year old giggling, and football being on the television (who warmed up to me within minutes without even tempting her with food - LM says it's rare!)

- Crafting and sports.  It's so awesome I'm writing it again, because there was that much of it.  Crafting and sports.  US Open, at least 5 complete college football games and the KC Chiefs.

- Crafting and Alias.  After the Chiefs decided to roll over and die, we switched our crafting focus to include Season 2 and Season 5 of Alias.

- The Rocky Mountains.  One would have thought I saw them when I went to KSU/Colorado game in 2005.  No, it was foggy.  They start in Montana.  We took a boat ride to the Gate of the Mountains.

-We stopped to get a beverage and she walked straight to the Belgian Raspberry Beer w/o saying anything.  AKA my beverage of choice.  Super win.  Then, I was really ecstatic for 3 seconds, b/c I also thought we we could get Rainer beer - aka Charlie's beer of choice -- b/c we were close to Washington State.  That didn't last long as the sales rep said no but went on for 5 minutes sharing the specials.  LM had the berry beer and I was standing infront a six pack with Killer Whales art work.  We managed to survive his specials spiel. 

- Getting to entertain her 2 year old.  It. was. so much. fun.  And her dogs!  I love dogs!

-Nightly Blizzard runs (it's a lie.  They don't have everything in New York.)

-My first full trip with Delta Silver Medallion Status.  I'm quite the travel freak, and FINALLY achieved this status, which I'd been trying to for a while.  Perks: getting on the plane before everyone else does, being able to get the seats at the front, getting upgraded to First Class (My 6AM flight out of Great Falls....WIN!)

-The Missouri River.  And all of it's Great Falls Dams.  There are quite a few.  And the roller coaster car ride to Dam #2 via the pot holey road.  We took one dip a little fast and her husband in the back seat went airborne.

-Seeing LM's cake magic in person.

And then I remember how blessed I am that I ended up on Boyd 2 in the Fall of 2003, b/c even though our partners in crime (JCF and SEW) weren't there, we've got something really special in our friendship that I'm thankful for everyday.  Even though we're spread across 3 time zones and 4 states.

And how many people can craft and watch football for 3 days straight?!  Serious question.

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lmoylan said...

JP, if I was crier, you would have brought a tear to my eye. I had such a blast with you all weekend, it was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my super powers. Where can you go wrong with crafts/sports/Alias? I dare anyone to top it.

I cherish our friendship more than you can know. Thanks for visiting.