Sunday, November 23, 2008

Never think

well. it's that time. JP's official twilight review. in short. i saw it again today. what does this mean? it was fan-flippin-tastic. done. finished. i loved it. here's a mini rundown of what i can think of:

they said none of the four quotes i listed a few posts ago. They alluded to the heroine line. but, could have done a way better job.

the meadow scene. seriously?!?! couldn't you have done a better job? now i did hear catherine had the perfect place, but then it was covered in ice when they went to shoot the scene. so let's just hope thats the case. but that was a bit of a downer, since the whole series exists b/c of the meadow scene that stephanie drempt of.

loved kristen stewarts voice overs. and the fact she went into the "of three things i was positive" sphele. AND her entrance into the bio classroom. that was SSSOOO cheesy it was great. and i love how she's handling the media. give her a break. kind of refreshing to know that not everyone is miley cyrus or the high school musical girls.

the cullens walking into the cafeteria. enough said. i think angela may be my favorite normal human. However, Bella's dad was GREAT!!!! He may have had some of the best lines in the movie.

jasper. rocked. "that kid that always looks like he's in pain, that's jasper." loved it.

the baseball scene was better than i had anticipated.

and. i wrote about how Summit took their marketing online and social networking pretty seriously. it was great. then on Saturday morning, this popped into my email inbox. and, granted, it's a mass mailing. but the fact that someone took time to do this and sent it out was great.

And since Twilight rocked the box office ($70 mil....that's a harry potter type opening), we now get new moon (!!) which, btw, is my least favorite book. however, i think, if like i saw some of the actors in an interview saying, if they got johnny deppe to be one of the Vulturis, it would be AMAZING. he's a total vulturi. and, i think the concept of the vulturis is pretty stupid. That being said, super excited to see the cliff diving scene and bella crashing motorcycles to hear edwards voice in her head. well, we'll just have to wait a year or two, wont we.

and now that twilight is out, what on earth am i going to blog about?!?!

and if you read my blog, and came to my birthday party this weekend, thanks. you rock! i had fun and hope you did too!!

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