Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yes, it has indeed been confirmed. As you probably know, I have an undying love for my favorite band. They're backburner, but, yeah, it's Hanson. So, not one of the incentives I had on my list to move to New York. So after I signed my lease, I remember that I think they live in New York. Well, thanks to home makeover on abc, it's CONFIRMED!! Which, I truly believe it's my destiny to run into them on the subway. Just to say hi, you guys have rocked since I was 12 and a photo. You know. After that happens, just like 3 more things and I can truly die a happy woman.

Other than that, my first weekend in New York has been pretty eventful. It included auburn football at the auburn alumni bar, penn state boys, my cool german friend, vanilla lattes, and plans to watch the champions league this week (c;

and goodness, I've never wanted Texas A&M to win so bad in my life. BEAT FRIGGEN KU PLEASE!!

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