Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's been too long!

So when I created this on Friday, I meant to post at least three times by now! But I haven't. So I'll fix that now.

So, New York. I'm back and not cheating and going home this weekend. This week is much better than last. But your new first week anywhere isn't any good usually!

So yesterday was one of those days I knew that New York was the right choice for me. So since I live north of all of the action on Manhattan, there's really no good grocery stores. So I went in search of one. First, I took the express train (I didn't know how to take it before yesterday!) and decided to get off at 125th. Big stop, maybe a huge grocery store.

So I start walking around. A cute little woman made a comment, so I decided to ask her where the biggest grocery store was around . "well, around here there aren't many big ones. Oh! Go right up Amsterdam through the projects and it's right there!" I mean, where else would I get told to walk through the projects! I love it. So I just decided to walk around for fun. Turns out I was in the heart of Harlem. I'd never been there. I could have met Jermain DuPree!! Not that I know who he is. I also saw the Apollo. Then I came home and my roommate, her friend, and I decided to go to a Broadway play. Evidently, if you have your student ID (I do!) you can go right before the show starts and get the tickets 1/2 off! But we didn't go b/c it was still to expensive and had Mexican food instead.

So. It's working out. Slowly but surely. (c;

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