Monday, December 10, 2007

Black holes and revelations....

is the song on the radio right good title for this post!

A few things. I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been pretty busy which is nice!

First off, I missed out on Foo Figthers at the Garden by about 15 minutes...they sold outo NYC is 45 minutes.'s my brothers and my goal to get seats to that show. They have to be nothing less than AMAZING.

I also finished my Chirstmas shopping (c; all that needs to be mailed anyway!! I also finished sending out all my Chirstmas cards but one. (Hint hint, I only send out mail in hopes I'll get some back......) I also had to buy a dress for my Christmas party on Wednesday. Well, let's just say it's hot!! Considering this is my first dress I've bought since seventh grade, I'd hope so!! However would you believe that the first dress I found that was EXACTLY what I'd described to JCA the night before was completely sold out in my size in ALL FIVE bouroughs in NEW YORK CITY?!?! Annoying.....

I started a new series of books! They're about a vampire and a 16 year old mortal. Not too bad. Better tahn the other books I've been trying to read.

I also went on not one but two blind dates this was a lot of fun! New guys and fun places to eat in Manhattan......nothing bad about that situation!!

OHOH! And I won my first bet this weekend!! Yep. I bet a guy at work that the Chiefs were going to get beaten by the Broncos....cause well, let's face it Herm......YOU'RE SO BAD YOU MADE MY FIRST BET AGAINST MY TEAM AND I WON!!! Luckily for me it was 41-7. (c; I made $5 off my team loosing!!

Heroes is over )c; But at least we have October Road now...I mean, it has Jake from OTH. Who could resist? KAP is coming Wednesday. And then my mom on Thursday. and ARESNAL has just lost their first game in the EPL )c; Oh well, we're still ahead of EVERYONE ELSE!

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