Sunday, March 22, 2009

#8 is the new #1

Standing in line at Borders Penn Plaza at 6:50 AM in the snow on Friday, March 20, I had a revelation. It follows: I don't do things half way. I'm either all in or all out. Which is exactly why you're going to think I'm crazy after you read this post. But I'm not crazy......just dedicated!! And now live in New York City, which is a place where, if you're dedicated enough, you can probably manage a few awesome super fan experiences.......

So a few months ago, I tried to preorder the Borders DVD b/c it was the super of super awesome in terms of Twilight DVDs. After on and off weeks of harassing Borders, I quit. Then I called back a month later, and said I wasn't going to be able to get their exclusive copy. So, a little bit later, they released that if you got a wristband teh day of teh release, you MIGHT be able to get a copy. So, the dedicated Twilight fan I am, decided to go early that Friday morning. Then it came out Thursday that actors from Twilight were going to be making appearences around the nation at these parties (Hello...totally mine...Twilight Moms are podcasting). So, this gave me final incentive to roll my behind out of bed at 5:45 am to go get my wrist band. Who wouldn't take 3 hours less sleep to possibly be in the same room as Robert Pattenson?

Got there. I was #8. A lady with a really funny flower bow was first. Two ghetto fabulous annoying teenagers. Then me, and a nice lady and her sister behind me. Then 30 minutes later, the super crazies showed up. A man in a green hat that slept in Penn Station, a lady with boots and a hot pink mini skirt that dated Scott from Five (?). But, at 8:00, I got my #8 wrist band. And headed to work. And let everyone I saw that day know that I'm #8 to get Twilight.

Karina and I head back to Borders at 8:00 PM, go assume our place, I reveal that I know a lot more about Twilight than most of the fans there (I do credit this to Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes and TwiCrack Addict). We get shipped upstairs. Listen to a very boring podcast. Then the fangirl screaming started. We stand....trivia.....then they disband to do a scavenger hunt. We think this is a perfect time to move up. Then the fangirl screaming starts. And continues. We position ourself for a prime location should a Twilight star show up. I end up standing next to the girl I was behind last week @ the Ashley Greene signing. Then, sure enough, Edi Gathegi shows up. He asnwers a few fan questions. INCLUDING MINE!!!!

My question: How do you feel about the new contacts for New Moon? (See Alice's here) He loves them. They make vampire eyes "pop" and they're easier to put in. Way to go me that an evil vampire would show up to the party!!! (I'm still letting everyone knwo I'm #8...I was kind of excited about that) So he finishes. We go get in line. #1-#7 don't show up. Well, I'm in front. At midnight the guy in the green hat says its midnight!! Go!! I get there, and some blog with a video camera interviews me. If i find it, i'll post it. Then I turn to teh guy and he says he doesnt have his DVDs yet. So I smile pretty and ask if since I'm the first to buy a Twilight, can I get a signed DVD? He says yes. About this time. Ghetto fabulous and her obnoxious friend show up, try to take the dvd and then get kicked to the back of the line. was nice. so then I skip back in line to visit Karina at her #50 spot and do a happy dnace b/c 1) I own Twilight 2) IT'S SIGNED BY AN ACTOR FROM TWILIGHT and 3) Only NYC allows things like this. We get up to her number, and she gets a signed copy too.

We go outside, jump up and down a litte, take pics. And I go home and watch deleted and extneded scenes. The DVD rocks. And now they're filming New Moon. And we get to do this all again starting November 20. Wehoo!!!


Anna Kristina said...

nice work on that! I miss having a big Borders around, instead of Waldenbooks. Although Britni and I definitely were part of the super long HP7 line at midnight there a couple years back... :)

tiffany said...

haha my friend and i were numbers 4 and 5, we were infront of the ghetto fabulous teenagers, i was the tiny short one with my friend who's shorter than me. we ended up winning the scavenger hunt and got dvds too! and we asked edi the question about how does it feel to be so fly all the time.