Monday, June 28, 2010

Silversun Pickups

I purchased Swoon on July 4, 2009. I liked it so much, I went and picked up SSPU's Carnavas two days later. SSPU fits into an elite set up JP's bands, one only occupied by them and Jimmy Eat World. They're the kind of band I can push play, and not push the next button and listen to all of their CDs from start to finish. So when I got the opportunity to see them open for Muse, I was stoked. However, MSG proved to be a little on the large side for SSPU. I had to wait for the headlining show to waiting was worth it.

So that came Friday. A friend and I ate dinner in Union Square before heading to the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. It's a small piece of land right on the East River overlooking Manhattan's financial district, so, you can imagine how gorgeous sunset is. We arrived half way through Against Me, purchased a refreshing beverage and headed into the crowd. I also noted to a few friends earlier that I was stoked to be going to a rock show with human beings, not angsty eyeliner laden teenagers.

We ended up close to the front, with two pretty tall guys in front of us. However, when SSPU came out and busted into Growing Old is Getting Old (one of my personal favorites), the two Dutch guys promptly started hip swaying and got so into the music, I didn't care I couldn't see one side of the stage because they were so tall (it also makes me want to see a rock band in Europe). So after Growing Old, they then began playing Well Thought Out Twinkles, then Sort Of, There's No Secrets This Year, and the Royal We. Those were JUST the FIRST five songs. AKA the best playlist on my iPod. After the astar studded opening, they continued not to let down. Eventually they busted into Future Foe Scenerio, PANIC SWITCH, and Lazy Eye.

This show got an A+. (How could a show featuring Panic Switch, The Royal We, Future Foe Scenerio, I'm going quit lising all SSPU songs now). The venue was georgous, the crowd was fun and the band was great. Setlist from Brooklyn Vegan. Photos: MetroMix.

Panic Switch

Royal We:

And now I'm off to a superfan experience only NYC can provide. I'll post about this on Thursday, so be on the look out.

And go buy SSPU's Swoon CD RIGHT NOW!

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