Sunday, November 11, 2007

Highlights of my weekend

1. Mike came
2. The lifesize blue whale at the Natural History Museum
3. My grandma called me today!
4. I can finally score some points in nertz
5. Eating lunch in Greenwich Village and getting to see man (who must have been intoxicated) poll dance with the no parking sign
6. Ohio State loosing
7. KU on national tv....i was excited to watch a loss......but anyways
8. 32 points and 24 rebounds in Michael Beasley's debut at KSU
9. I finally got Sexy Back on my IPod
10. Mail from my other grandma
11. My next weekend will be in my fav state
12. Fall Out Boy and my song of the summer (Thanks for the Memories) w/ my Roomie on Wed!!
and my quote of the weekend at the natural history museum: "Mike! I want to see a life size planet!!" (after we'd seen the life size blue whale....i would have preferred Saturn)

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ecloern said...

Haha. This is freakin awesome. I particularly heart #5.