Thursday, November 15, 2007

Officially a really long post

Well, sit back and relax because I have a lot to type. Feel free to come back and read it in parts.

OK! Well, this starts off with my wake up this morning. I turned on the radio to get out of bed. I've recently switched from KRock (shocking, I know) to Fresh. That may have been because there were dirty lady commercials coming on K Rock at 2 am, and music on Fresh, but who knows.....OK, well, a very memorable song came on. (nantes girls this is for you) The one, the only, "Please Forgive Me." The immediate picture I got in my head was the lovely dance parties in Mattieu's room and Lou. And then that the song was not as dramatic as I had remembered. Which I love b/c Lou made it a great song to listen to! Anyways, that made me think of my blog I wrote very late last night and another common Nantes thing popped into my head. Translation!!! Translation!!

So, translation, for what, you ask? My previous post. I can check off a life accomplishment off my list. What would that be? A concert in Madison Square Garden. My roommate, Megan, and I went to see Cute is What We Aim For, Plain White T's, Gym Class Heroes, and my personal favorite reason for going to the show.....Fall Out Boy!!

So side note, the all time greatest song title EVER written.....also one of my fav FOB songs....

I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me

OK, so its a great, long and pointless title that has nothing to do with the song. And a GREAT song!! "I found the cure for growing older/and you're the only place that feels like home/just so you know you'll never know/some secrets weren't meant to be told/I found the cure to growing older." Ah....I LOVE IT!! And they PLAYED IT!! Along with XO, and of course, Thanks for the Memories and Dance Dance. By the end of these two songs I had no voice and I'm sure the really cute guy around my age behind me was hurting my dancing was so bad. Oh, and earlier i the set....Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner acoustic....ahhhh.......

Then we chilled, took some photos at the garden and came home and watched Gossip Girl. I love this show by the way!! PS, I was gossip girl for Halloween.

OK, another topic. In case you didn't know, my mom rocks. She was always the only mom I ever knew that would buy me clothes, and they were the ones I would have picked out on my own. And now we finally got text capabilities on our phone (i know, we're late adapters) and she's been sending me "good morning" texts the past two mornings, which was awesome. Especially since I haven't been getting to bed before 2:00 and my neighbor plays piano at 7am.

Stellar week, and I'm going to Kansas tomorrow. Best friends, family, and grandma......and next week is thanksgiving (french friends here too) who's excited about pumpkin pie after a year w/o it?!?!

Oh! Heroes!! Who's excited Maja (whiney voice) is NOT COMING BACK after Christmas?! I am. However, I like Caitlin. I do think Peter needs a little action b/c he is the freakin super hero and all. They shouldn't take her away.

I also solved my book problem!! It was a very stressful situation and I was in the 5th Ave Barnes and Noble (not very big) for an hour trying to figure out what I was going to do. Three phone calls and a near trip to the cash register later, I decided I had dignity, and am NEVER going to buy a book where at any point in time Fabio could have been the cover boy. REFUSE. I've got sanity!!

If you made it this far I'm proud of you. Summary of post: FOB, Bryan Adams and Kansas. (c;

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zoe said...

i miss you Jenny