Thursday, November 29, 2007

Musings on Life from a new New Yorker

DISCLAMER: This blog is my personal blog. It is written so you know what I'm up to in good ol' NYC and to make you laugh (most of the time). It's also a side of me most people don't get to the side where I talk (c; So feel special you're reading it. That being said, if you want to know why I wrote this, give me a call and I'll tell you b/c it's a pretty funny story!

Well. I have a few things to say. First off, we'll start with all the live super cool things on tv in new york city you've always wanted to go to. Just so you know, the majority of the time, the look exactly like the picture to the left. Uh huh, with all the tourists you'll never see a thing. So you should just be content watching it on TV!!! Even though you could throw a rock and hit Nick Lachey around the corner, b/c you'll never see him!!! But even weirder is I met up with my friend Nadja and she brought the new French marketing intern w/ her. Well, she's from Amiens, which is AWESOME because that's where I studied abroad! Well, we all bailed and I ended up missing the tree lighting on TV. Woops....but Gossip Girls was worth it!!

OK, so, my dear friend SEO sent me a birthday present. In this present, she included the Plain White T's CD I'd asked for b/c I saw FOB and the Plain White T's like 2 days before I saw her. So today at work, I gave it a good listen while I was surfing some innovation blogs (tons of fun, let me tell you). From the minute it started getting overplayed, I hated "hey there delilah". Well, I listened to the whole cd, and that song was last. And...

Dear Delilah:
So I hated your song from the moment it started playing on the radio. I wouldn't even listen to it. I HATED IT. And then I moved to New York City. And started working near 42nd Street. And while surfing through the interent for Innovation blogs (which are no were near as quirky as mine) the song came on.
So, did you marry this man? He's paying the bills with his GUITAR now!!! Ok, and the part that would have officially sold me was "Times Square couldn't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true." Sold. I would have married him then. Times Square is BRIGHT!! And let's face it, who wouldn't basically just melt. And then I'm assuming that "Write you a song" is for you too. BTW, the Plain White T's rock. I'm sold. I'm a fan now. Enjoy your boy with his guitar and make him sing that song to you. A lot!
Love, Jenny
PS. Way better than "Marching bands of Manhattan" by Death Cab.

Plain White T's. Awesome. Who said rock was dead?! They're not counting my taste in music.

Next! Guess what! It's COLD in NEW YORK! And I LOVE IT! And decorated for Christmas. I love it. This city rocks. Which MEANS....I can really drink my tea now. I have a new love for a drink. Since my no so much friends at the Coca Cola factroy don't even produce cherry coke zero and sell it in New York City, Vanilla tea. It's awesome. Yum.....drink some it's good.

So the past few days, I've been in an inexplicabily good mood. Who knows why? It might have something to do with the rockin' book I got. It's called Twilight. And it's about vampires. Good good stuff. And I don't even know their vampires yet!! So I get on the train, sit and read. 20 minutes seems like 2. And then I have to change stations and get 5 more minutes waiting. And then I ahve to wait all day to get on the train and read again. I love reading good books. I figure I'm making up for my four years of not reading anything b/c I was too busy procrastinating reading text books!

Yes. This blog was a lot funnier as I was writing it at work. Anyways. Have a good weekend. And GO K STATE!! Beat Oregon (sorry Zoe)!! And watch us play Notre Dame next week b/c I have court side seats......(c; Like I'm in row A on the floor!!

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ecloern said...

How much do I miss my electric tea kettle and Jenny's yummy French teas?! A lot.